Yoshiko Okazaki

Yoshiko Okazaki is currently Professor of Ethnomusicology at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan in the Department of History and Sociology (International Studies), where she has taught since 1997. From 1995 to the present Yoshiko has served as a Lecturer in Ethnomusicology at the Graduate School of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.

Yoshiko completed her Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology at UCLA in 1994.  Her dissertation was entitled "Music, Identity and Religious Change among the Toba Batak People of North Sumatra [Indonesia]."

Yoshiko's most research publications in the English language include:

2007. “Studying Minority Performing Arts in Southeast Asia,” Authenticity and Cultural Identity - Performing Arts in Southeast Asia, (Senri Ethnological Reports 65) National Museum of Ethnology: 169-174.

2004.  “An Ethnic Liturgical Expression in Multiethnic Congregation,” Manifold Identities: Studies on Music and Minorities:  288-303.

1999.  “Liturgical Music among the Toba Batak People of North Sumatra: The Creation of a New Tradition,” In Crossroads: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 12/2:  55-77.

 Her most recent conference papers include:

 2010. “Towards more Balanced Teaching Materials: The Performing Arts of Cambodia” International Council for Traditional Music: Applied Ethnomusicology Study Group Meeting, Hanoi, Vietnam, July 27.

2007. “Ichigenkin: Tradition and Innovation in a Little-Known Japanese Musical Tradition” World Conference of the International Council for Tradition Music, Vienna, July 11.

During the Fall 2004 and Winter 2005 quarters, Yoshiko served as a visiting scholar with the UCLA Center for Southeast Asian Studies. As a visiting scholar, Yoshiko conducted research on the musical cultures of Cambodian and Vietnamese immigrant communities in Southern California.