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People and Facilities

The World Musical Instrument Collection is managed by a faculty director and administrative staff of the Department of Ethnomusicology.

Collection Staff
Faculty Director: Münir Beken
Instrument Curator: Supeena Adler
Administrative Staff: Jael Cosico

The World Musical Instrument Collection has a governing committee composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair and Management Services Officer of the Department of Ethnomusicology, along with the faculty director.

Governing Committee
Chair: Steven Loza
Management Services Officer: Jael Cosico
Faculty Director: Münir Beken

The World Musical Instrument Collection has an advisory board of experts from major musical instrument museums and university instrument collections in the US, Europe and Asia.

Advisory Board
Margaret Birley (Horniman Museum, London)
Claire Chantrenne (Musée des Instruments de Musique, Brussels)
Jayme Kurland (Boston Museum of Fine Arts)
Andrew Lamb (Bate Collection of Musical Instruments, Oxford University)
Kathleen Wiens (Musical Instrument Museum, Phoenix, Arizona)
Xiao Mei (Oriental Music Instrument Museum, Shanghai Conservatory of Music)

The World Musical Instrument Collection occupies approximately 3700 square feet in the new wing of UCLA's Schoenberg Music Building. The core collection is housed in the renowned Gamelan Room, the China Room, the Korea/Japan Room, and the India/Near East Room.