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Mission Statement

The mission of the World Musical Instrument Collection is:
•    To acquire significant individual musical instruments and groups of musical instruments from around the world, with an emphasis on those used in genres other than Western art music and conventional popular musics
•    To maintain and preserve the instruments in the collection for future generations
•    To provide those instruments in playing condition for use in supervised performance by university-based world music ensembles and community outreach programs, thus enhancing opportunities for knowledge and appreciation of music genres from the Americas, Africa, Asia and Europe
•    To display the instruments for appreciation and education via university-based courses, public exhibitions and a searchable database
•    To provide research resources to scholars and community members
•    To program public events that educate university and community members about world music, individual cultures' musical traditions, and the construction and maintenance of musical instruments
•    To facilitate links with other major musical instrument collections in the United States and abroad