Published: September 9, 2015

UCLA ICTM 2015 participants, left to right (back row): Anne Rasmussen (Ph.D. '91);  Megan Rancier (Ph.D. '09); Colin Quigley (retired faculty member, World Arts and Cultures); Dave Wilson (current Ph.D. student); Jesse Vallejo (Ph.D. '14); Lois Anderson (Ph.D. '68); Tim Rice (current faculty member, Ethnomusicology); Atesh Sonneborne (Ph.D. '95); Tony Seeger (retired faculty member, Ethnomusicology); Scott Linford (current Ph.D. student); David Harnish (Ph.D. '91); Barbara Hampton (M.A. ‘72); Chuen-Fung Wong (Ph.D. '06); Ric Trimillos (Ph.D. '72); Edwin Seroussi (Ph.D. '88).

(Front row): Sevi Bayraktar (graduate student, Dance/World Arts and Cultures); Michael Frishkopf (Ph.D. '99); Rebecca Dirksen (Ph.D. '12); Alyssa Mathias (current Ph.D. student); Leonor Xochitl Perez (Ph.D. '99, Education); Lauryn Salazar (Ph.D. '11); Jean Kidula (Ph.D. '98); Nancy Chao (Ph.D. '95); Lorraine Sakata (retired faculty member, Ethnomusicology); Logan Clark (current Ph.D. student); Jane Moulin (M.A. '71); Elizabeth Tolbert (Ph.D. '88); Hiro Aoyagi (Ph.D. '01).

Missing: Martin Daughtry (Ph.D. '06).


Twenty-nine (29) present and former UCLA faculty and graduate students made a big splash at this year's World Conference of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) in Astana, Kazakhstan from July 16-22, 2015. That number represented more than 5% of the 500 or so delegates to the conference from more than 70 countries, a remarkable number for a single institution and a testimony to UCLA's important contribution to the field of ethnomusicology for more than fifty years.

Photo: Tom Sakata
Photo design: Don Armstrong