Published: March 20, 2018

Dear Faculty, Students, and Staff:

Beginning on March 30th, the Ethnomusicology Archive will be closed as we undertake our much-anticipated renovation and expansion. This will happen in phases. The first phase is preparing our collections to be moved to the new shelving area being built in SMB 1535, as we also start to completely empty the current Archive space (SMB 1630) so it can be remodeled over the summer. The Archive moved into its current space around 1982, when the collections were approximately one-fifth their current size, so we, the Archive staff and GSRs, have our work cut out for us!

During this time, the collections will not be available for use and we will be unable to host class or individual visits to the Archive. The archivists will not be available for reference and research assistance, as we will be focused on moving the contents of the Archive, and some other services may be affected as well depending on where we are in the renovation process. Online resources such as the Ethnomusicology Research Guide (, Archive catalogue ( and databases such as JSTOR and Smithsonian Global Sound/World Music Online will continue to function as usual.

Maureen Russell and Aaron Bitttel will still be available by email throughout the renovation, and will continue to teach their scheduled classes for Spring quarter. While SMB 1630 is being renovated over the summer, we will have temporary offices elsewhere in the building.

**If you will need to access Archive materials during the upcoming Spring or Summer quarters, please contact one of the archivists immediately, and we will do our best to make arrangements for you.**

We hope to open the newly renovated and expanded Ethnomusicology Archive early in Fall quarter, and we are already planning a series of events to inaugurate this new space for teaching, learning, and exploring the world through the documents of its musical cultures. In the meanwhile, we will soon be announcing a "farewell to the old Archive" party where you can learn about the renovation project and even take an interactive tour of the new Archive space. Stay tuned!

Aaron, Chris (W'18), David, Maureen, Negar, Otto, Shani, and Tyler (S'18)