Summer Sessions 2018

The Department of Ethnomusicology offers innovative summer classes on music in cultures around the world, taught by specialists in the fields of jazz, popular, and world music. These classes are open to the public.

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Session A:

June 25-August 3, 2018


Global Pop*
(GE-approved course)
ETHNMUS 25 (pdf syllabus)
ETHNMUS 25 (course flyer)

Instructor: Mehrenegar Rostami


Music and Media*
(GE-approved course)
ETHNMUS 30 (pdf syllabus)
ETHNMUS 30 (course flyer)
Instructor: Otto Stuparitz


Jazz in American Culture*
(GE-approved course)
ETHNMUS 50A (course flyer)
Instructor: Marc Bolin


Music of Latin America*
(GE-approved course)
ETHNMUS M108A (course flyer)
Instructor: David Castañeda

Cultural History of Rap*
(GE-approved course)
ETHNMUS M119 (course flyer)
Instructor: Ben Doleac


Music of China
(2-unit performance course)
ETHNMUS 68A & 168A (pdf syllabus)
ETHNMUS 68A & 168A (course flyer)
Instructor: Chi Li

Music of India: Tabla
(2-unit performance course)
ETHNMUS 68F & 168F (course flyer)
Instructor: Abhiman Kaushal


Music of African Americans
(2-unit performance course)
ETHNMUS 91P & 161P
(pdf syllabus)
Instructor: James Roberson

Session C:

August 6 - September 14, 2018


Music of India: Tabla
(2-unit performance course)
ETHNMUS 68F and 168F (course flyer)
Instructor: Abhiman Kaushal


*GE-approved course
Fulfills the Visual and Performance Arts Analysis and Practice requirement

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