Staff and Librarians

Institute of Ethnomusicology

1960s - 70s

Program in Ethnomusicology

1970s - 80s

Department of Ethnomusicology



Museum Scientists

Max Harrell Ray Giles Ray Giles  
  Robert Portillo    


Yo Shimotsuka (Secretary) Darlene Eastman (Administrative Assistant) Fran Armbruster (Management Services Officer)  
Edna Strom (Management Services Officer) Patricia Eastman (Administrative Assistant) Donna Armstrong (Chair's Assistant)  
Barbara Terry (Management Services Officer) Heather Harold (Chair's Assistant) Jennifer Del Villar (Administrative Analyst)  
  John Hayes (Management Services Officer) Shana Garrett (Secretary)  
  Beverly McDonald (Chair's Assistant) Chong Lee (Accountant)  
  Betty Price (Administrative Assistant) Tom Lee (Accountant)  
  Nancy Snedden (Secretary) Jennie Molina (Accountant)  
  Barbara Terry (Management Services Officer) Carol Pratt (Receptionist)  
    Betty Price (Management Services Officer)  
    Cheri Quinto (Accounting Assistant)  
    Martha Rider (Accountant and Management Services Officer)  
    Dianne Roberts (Personnel Analyst)  
    Valerie Rose (Accountant)  
    Sunday Tejeda (Accounting Assistant)  
    Julia Yang (Accounting Assistant)  


    Miriam Gerberg (Director)  

Publications and Events

Carol Bryans (Administrative Assistant) Jewel Bariana (Assistant Editor) Donn Allen Carter (Graphics)  
Dick Fitzgerald (Editor) Kathryn Barrett (Subscription Assistant) Eran Fraenkel (Managing Editor)  
Sam Hileman (Editor) Nancy Bernstein Kathleen Hood (Director/Events Coordinator)  
Don Hipperfield (Graphics) Eran Fraenkel (Managing Editor) Eddie Huckaby (Assistant Editor)  
Vincent Ryan (Managing Editor) Zivile Gimbutas (Assistant Editor) Kelly Salloum (Managing Editor)  
  David Ocker (Graphics)    
  Vincent Ryan (Managing Editor)    
  Roger Wright (Managing Editor)    

Student Services

Linda Palmer (Advisor) Mary Crawford (Advisor) Jessica Angus (Student Affairs Officer)  
  Linda Palmer (Advisor) Edward Blancarte (Student Affairs Officer)  
    Alfred Bradley (Undergraduate Advisor)  
    Mary Crawford (Graduate Advisor)  
    Tom Croyle (Undergraduate Advisor)  
    Jeffrey Heintz (Student Affairs Officer)  
    Pat Killinger (Administrative Assistant)  
    Anna Laven (Graduate Advisor)  
    Sandra McKerroll (Graduate Advisor)  
    Rebecca Simons (Student Affairs Officer)  
    Angela Su (Student Affairs Officer)  

Technical Staff

David Kilpatrick (Electronics Technician) David Cloud (Recording Technician) Umberto Belfiore (Electronics Technician)  
Kathryn King (Recording Technician) Bob Fenger (Recording Technician) Paul Boatright (Recording Technician)  
Michael Moore (Electronics Technician) Chuck Higgins (Electronics Technician) David Cloud (Recording Technician)  
  Warren Jaynes (Electronics Technician) Diane Connor (Stage Manager)  
  Kathleen Moon (Publicity) Jim Cypherd (Electronics Technician)  
  Jeff Richmond (Electronics Technician) Michele Eckart (Stage Manager)  
    Bob Fenger (Recording Technician)  
    John Hayes (Management Services Officer, Facilities and Technical Services)  
    David Martinelli (Electronics Technician)  
    Kathleen Moon (Publicity)  
    Loren Nerell (Recording Technician)  
    Kathy Nixon (Management Services Officer, Facilities and Technican Services)  
    Glen Rewal (Computer Resource Specialist)  
    Jeff Richmond (Electronics Technician)  
    Craig Schwartz (Electronics Technician)  

Archive Librarians

Ann Briegleb Schuursma (Archivist) Ann Briegleb Schuursma (Archivist) Aaron Bittel (Archivist)  
Etsu Garfias (Archive Assistant) Sandy Heft (Visiting Assistant Librarian) Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje (Director)  
Cynthia Tse Kimberlin (Library Assistant) Cristina Jaremko (Visiting Assistant Librarian) Phoebe Nelson (Archivist)  
  Cynthia Tse Kimberlin (Assistant Archivist) Timothy Rice (Director)  
  Don Niles (Assistant Archivist/Acting Archivist) Maureen Russell (Cataloguing/Archivist)  
  Louise Spear (Director) Anthony Seeger (Director)  
  Nora Yeh (Assistant Archivist) Louise Spear (Director/Archivist)  
    John Vallier (Archivist)