Department of Ethnomusicology Chair - Steven Loza

Ethnomusicology Archive Librarians - Aaron Bittel and Maureen Russell

Instrument Curator - Supeena Adler

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Name Title Email Address Office Phone   Room
ADDLEMAN, Paul Assistant to the Director, Marching Band 310-206-9425   2409
ALLEN, Eshon Development Coordinator 310-825-9008   2686
ARMSTRONG, Donna Assistant to the Chair and Website Manager, Department of Ethnomusicology 310-825-8381   2840
ASHMEAD, Zoe Director of Enrollment and Recruitment 310-825-6457   1642
BABILONIA, Paige Operations Assistant 310-825-0174   2520
BANKHEAD, Myrtle Academic Personnel 310-825-0246   2676
BICHO, Ariane Director of Communications 310-206-2035   2860
BLACK, Lorry Associate Director, Milken Institute 310-206-1342   2744
CALDWELL, Wendy Principal Musician      
CHAN, Oliver Principal Musician      
CHEN, Howard Principal Musician      
DISSANAYAKE, Ravi IT Support Manager OR
310-825-0829   2843
DYAS, J. B. Monk Insitute VP Education and Curriculum 310-206-9501   2665
ECKART, Michelle Public Events Manager 310-206-1095   1309
FENG, Thomas Principal Musician      
FISHER, Ken Assistant Director, Marching Band 310-825-3835   2409
FREY, Corey Theater Production Supervisor     1309
GALVEZ, Brenda Assistant Director of Student Services 310-206-5002   1642A
GILBERTI, Adam Museum Scientist 310-206-0120   B413
GLEDHILL, Daniel Principal Musician      
GORYACHEVA, Anna Principal Musician      
HENAO, Luis Director of Music and Instructional Technology 310-206-0848   2738
HOOD, Kathleen Publications Director and Events Coordinator, Department of Ethnomusicology 310-825-5947   1555
JU, John Financial Analyst 310-825-4766   2739
KAPOULER, Inga Principal Musician      
KUNISAKI, Lindsey Program Manager, Thelonious Monk Institute 310-794-9919   2679
MALKIN, Iris Principal Musician      
MARIA, Belen Student Affairs Officer 310-825-4768   1642A
MARTINELLI, David Electronics Technician 310-206-3943   B831
MARTINEZ, Valentina Associate Director of Development 310-825-3629   339 OMC
MCGARRY, Shannon Assistant Dean & Acting MSO, Ethnomusicology and Musicology 310-825-7530   2533
McLAUGHLIN, Sean Piano Technician 310-825-7058   B418
MIZUNO, Yoko Principal Musician      
MOLINA, Jennie Accountant 310-206-5184   2745
MOON, Kathleen Financial Assistant 310-825-4760   2739
MORGOVSKAYA, Valeriya Principal Musician      
MORIKAWA, Mitsuko Principal Musician      
NERELL, Loren Recording Technician 310-825-5260
NEUFELD, Zach Principal Musician      
NOEL, Bret MSO, Music 310-825-8628   2744
O'TOOLE, Rory Development Coordinator 310-825-4238   2686
PANG, Justin Program Analyst 310-794-9002    
PARR, Vanessa Studio Recording Engineer 310-825-7752   Ostin B120
REZAI, Sanaz Principal Musician      
RIDER, Martha Manager, Latino Museum      
ROSTOMYAN, Anahit Music Outreach Coordinator 310-825-8628   2744
RUAN, Debbie Financial Analyst 310-825-1930   2745
RUNT, Brian Content Marketing Manager 310-206-4911   2686
SADRIPOUR, Ava Executive Director of Development 310-206-5645   2687
SEEFF, Daniel West Coast Director, Thelonious Monk Institute 310-206-9700   2671
SHI, Jiayi Principal Musician      
SHIN, Hye Jung Principal Musician      
SMIRNOFF, Anton Principal Musician      
SPITZ, Emily Assistant to the Chair and Website Manager, Department of Musicology 310-206-5187   2836
TAKA, Allison Student Affairs Officer 310-825-4769   1642
TERRELL, Zach Executive Assistant to the Dean 310-206-9593   2536
TOPETE, Sandra Academic Personnel  Manager 310-206-3020   2676
UNG, Nam Director, Office of Student Services & Enrollment Management 310-825-4215   1642B
VEIRS, Russell Director of Operations 310-825-3402   2523
VON BOSEN, Alix Assistant to the Chair and Website Manager, Department of Music 310-825-1932   2625