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*PLEASE NOTE: All UC campuses, buildings, and owned/operated properties are officially smoke and tobacco-free environments, effective January 2, 2014.


Please report problems with heating/air conditioning, lighting, custodial services, etc. to Facilities Management "Trouble Ticket."

SCHOENBERG MUSIC BUILDING HOURS (June 13, 2017 through June 18, 2018)

Click Schoenberg Music Building Hours for pdf version

Regular Session:
Mon-Fri 8:00am-12 midnight
Saturday 8:00am-10:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm

Mon-Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm

Mon-Fri 8:00am -10:00pm
Saturday 8:00am -10:00pm
Sunday 1:00pm-10:00pm


Holidays and Exceptions:

Independence Day       Tuesday July 4 CLOSED
Labor Day Monday September 4 CLOSED
Thanksgiving Day Thursday   November 23 CLOSED
Thanksgiving holiday Friday November 24 8:00am - 5pm
Winter Break Saturday - Sunday Dec 9 - Dec 10 CLOSED
  Saturday - Sunday Dec 16 - Dec 17 CLOSED
  Thursday - Monday Dec 21 - Jan 1 CLOSED
Cesar Chavez holiday Friday March 30 8:00am - 10:00pm


Most general use rooms are kept unlocked during building hours. Access to special laboratories, practice rooms, and other locked areas of the building must be requested and approved in advance. NO FOOD OR DRINK OF ANY TYPE IS PERMITTED IN LABORATORIES, REHEARSAL ROOMS OR PRACTICE ROOMS.

General Classrooms:
SMB 1344 – 1354  – 1420  - 1439 – 1440 – 1535

Ethnomusicology Performance Rooms:
Gamelan Room (1659); China Room (1822); Korea Room (1842); Near East/India Room (1846)

Classroom Laboratories:
Ethnomusicology Lab (B544); Mancini Studio (2646); Keyboard Lab (1535)

Performance Rooms:
Orchestra Room (1343); Band Room (1345); Choral Room (1325)

Concert Halls:
Jan Popper Theater (1200); Schoenberg Auditorium (1100)

Archive and Publications
Ethnomusicology Archive (1630); Publications Office (1555)

Other Rooms:
Green Room (1230) 206-8289; Guard Station 825-4718; Band Xerox Room (2435)


Labs, computer rooms, electronic music rooms, and performance rooms with rare instruments are secured by omnilocks. These codes are changed every quarter. For more information see Russell Veirs, Director of Operations, in Room 2523 SMB, (310) 825-3402.

Faculty who teach in the ethnomusicology performance rooms (1659, 1846, 1842, 1822) are given an omnilock code to enter the room in which they are teaching. Students who are taking those classes are not given omnilock codes. Students may practice in the ethnomusicology performance rooms only when a hired security person is present, who will open the door for them.

Faculty who teach in the Ethnomusicology Lab will be given an omnilock code to enter the lab. Graduate students will be given a code with the permission of the chair.

Faculty and students who are given Omnilock codes are not to share their code with anyone.


Music, Ethnomusicology and Music History students can use designated practice rooms in Schoenberg by paying a $57 Music Facilities Services Fee (MFSF) each quarter. Students who pay this fee can also sign up for a locker on a first-come, first-served basis. Rooms are also available on a first-come, first-served basis, but students can reserve two hours a week as well. Students can pay more to reserve more hours. Forms are available in 2539 and 1642 SMB. For more information go to Practice Room Reservation System, or contact the Student Affairs Officer, 1642 SMB.

Lost Practice Room Cards cost $23 to replace. Don't lose your card or let it get damaged! Students will be charged $29 for lost keys and keys not turned in.

Practice Room Keys -- Students with yellow cards will also be given a B608 key to unlock those rooms. A student may keep the key until he or she graduates. At that time keys must be returned or otherwise they will be considered lost.


All rooms are routinely checked by Community Service Officers (CSOs) to make sure that they are being used properly. CSOs are there for the safety and security for the students. Please cooperate with their requests. For more information contact Russell Veirs, Director of Operations, Room 2523, SMB (310) 825-3402.


Lockers are available only with the purchase of a MFSF card.

Lockers are used at students' own risk and neither UCLA nor the Departments of Music or Ethnomusicology is liable for any loss, damage or theft to any personal property left in lockers. You are strongly urged to obtain personal property insurance.

Sometimes during the year, department notices will be posted asking that students empty or clean out their lockers. Lockers that are not cleaned out as instructed will have their contents removed and will receive a $86 fine. For more information contact the Facilities Assistant, 2523 SMB.


There are book sized lockers with yellow instruction labels in the Schoenberg Music Building under the jurisdiction of the University Department of Recreation that are not maintained by the Music or Ethnomusicology Departments.


Scheduling of regular academic courses takes place between February and May of the preceding year. Scheduling of private lessons takes place during the summer of the preceding year. Contact Donna Armstrong 310-825-8381 with questions.

Requests for the use of the theaters (Schoenberg Hall or Jan Popper Theater) or classrooms (for events not on the regular class/event schedule) must be made through an online request form. (No exceptions.) The online form timestamps your request, and it ensures that if additional support (pianos and A/V) is needed, the proper personnel are alerted to assist you.
For classrooms scheduling requests (other than academic courses) go to:
For theater scheduling requests go to:


The Ethnomusicology Performance Rooms (the Gamelan Room - 1659 SMB, the Near-East/India Room - 1846 SMB, the Korea Room - 1842 SMB, and the China Room - 1822 SMB) house the department's instrument collection and serve as classroom space for the Music of Bali Ensemble, the Music of China Ensemble, the Music of India Ensemble, the Music of Thailand Ensemble, and the Music of West Africa Ensemble (listed as the Music and Dance of Ghana Ensemble in the Schedule of Classes and General Catalog).

Students are not allowed to enter into these rooms without faculty supervision or supervision by a department-hired security person in order to ensure the security of the department's instrument collection. For more information contact Donna ArmstrongChair's Assistant (310) 825-8381.

The following rules apply to the use of the ethnomusicology performance rooms:

Food and Drink Food and drink are not allowed in any of the performance rooms.

Instruments Students may not take any instrument away from the rooms. The instructor of an ensemble controls the use of the instruments used by that ensemble.

Chairs Chairs and rugs must be stacked and returned to their original location after use.

Propping Door open Do not prop the door open and leave the room empty. If the door is propped open a responsible person must be in the room.

Clean-up The room must be cleaned up after use and all instruments and equipment returned to their original locations.

Respect and Care Please respect the instruments and treat them with care. Do not put clothing and other personal belongings on the instruments.


From time to time faculty and students request an ethnomusicology performance room for an event other than regularly scheduled classes. All requests should be routed through Donna Armstrong (Rm 2840 SMB, x 5-8381).


The University of California assumes no liability for the loss of or damage to student or faculty instruments or equipment, either on or off the campus. It is the responsibility of the student or faculty member to make sure his/her instruments are insured. This could be through a homeowner's policy or a specific policy for the instrument.

Ethnomusicology Department instruments are part of a special collection and are extremely difficult or impossible to replace. Therefore they are not checked out for practice purposes.

Audio and visual recording equipment is available for graduate student use. Please see David Martinelli, B544 (Ethno Lab), 206-3943.

Music stands are not to be removed from Schoenberg Music Building without the permission of someone in the Technical Services Office, 1309 SMB.


Keys are not issued to Schoenberg Music Building rooms or entrances. With appropriate permission, access to locked areas may be obtained by seeing the Campus Security Officer at the Circle Drive entrance.

TAs may check out keys to their offices and classroom sound equipment through the main office. Failure of TAs to return keys will result in a hold placed on the student's record. For more information contact Russell D. Veirs (310) 825-3402.


For lost items, inquire at the reception desk in the main office, 2520 SMB.