Rodney N. Vlasak

"I taught in the Department of Music at UCLA 1969-1977.  At that time a new specialization, Systematic Musicology, was instituted to honor Charles Seeger.  I define Systematic Musicology as bringing an interdisciplinary approach to the study of music, musicians, and audiences.  My discipline is Cultural Anthropology and I had done ethnographic research for 15 months among the Fulani in Northern Nigeria. Prior to becoming an anthropologist, I had been a pianist, composer, and arranger.  Presumably, this background in both the social sciences and music equipped me to teach courses in Systematic Musicology."

"The courses I taught were Music 143A Music of Africa, 182 Sociology of Music, 183 Ethnography of Blues, 184 Music in Culture and Education, 186 Psychology of Music (later renamed Music and Social Psychology), and 282 Graduate Seminar in the Sociology of Music."

"What I enjoyed about this job was listening to and analyzing a lot of good music and sharing this with students." -- Rodney Vlasak