Year Name Field Dissertation title
2016 Frishkey, Amy Ethno Garifuna Popular Music "Renewed": Authenticity, Tradition, and Belonging in Garifuna
2016 Linford, Scott Ethno Interweaving Worlds: Jola Music and Relational Identity in Senegambia and Beyond
2016 Taylor, Ty-Juana Ethno When the Streets Speak: Investigating Music, Memory, and Identity in the Lives of Abidjanese Street Children
2016 Roy, Jeff Ethno Ethnomusicology of the Closet: (Con)Figuring Transgender-Hijra Identity Through Documentary Filmmaking
2016 Wilson, Dave Ethno Music Making Space: Musicians, Scenes, and Belonging in the Republic of Macedonia
2016 Virani, Vivek Ethno Find the True Country: Devotional Music and the Self in India's National Culture
2016 Mora, Amalia Ethno Dancing Where the River Meets the Sea: Ambiguous Sensuality and Liminal Cultural Geographies in Goa, India
2016 Cole Kai-Lewis, Abimbola Ethno The Hard Cashless Society: Millennial Economics and Street Hop in Johannesburg
2016 Koons, Ryan Ethno Dancing Breath: Ceremonial Performance Practice, Environment, and Personhood in a Muskogee Creek Community
2015 Soto Flores, Leticia Ethno How Musical is Woman?: Performing Gender in Mariachi Music
2015 Warden, Nolan Ethno Wixárika Music, Huichol Music: The Construction and Commodification of an Indigenous Identity
2015 Edwards, James Ethno Between Two Worlds: A Social History of Okinawan Musical Drama
2015 Rann, Lara Ethno Student Experiences of 'Soul Healing' in Music and Dance Performance Courses at the University of California, Los Angeles
2014 Stuffelbeam, Katie Ethno Women's Voices Women's Songs: Dagbamba Music, Gender, and Culture
2014 Pacheco, Veronica Ethno Performing with the Sacred: exploring indigenous Ritual Music in the Nahua towns of Chicontepac, Veracruz, Mexico
2014 Gubner, Jennie Ethno Tango, Not-For-Export: Participatory Music-Making, Musical Activism, and Visual Ethnomusicology in the Neighborhood Tango Scenes of Buenos Aires
2014 Hernandez, Alexandro Ethno The Son Jarocho and Fandango Amidst Struggle and Social Movements: Migratory Transformation and Reinterpretation of the Son Jarocho in La Nueva España, México, and the United States
2014 Pettit, Andrew Ethno Passing Traditions: Child-Directed Music as an Index of Cultural Change in Metropolitan India
2014 Vallejo, Jessie Ethno

La Música Da Vida a Vida: Transverse Flute Music of Otavalo, Ecuador

2013 Ruskin, Jesse Ethno The Yorùbá Dùndún in Local and Transnational Perspective: A Cosmopolitan Tradition in the Making
2013 Iyanaga, Michael Ethno New World Songs for Catholic Saints: Domestic Performances of Devotion and History in Bahia, Brazil
2013 Coventry, Chloe Ethno Rock Bands/Rock Brands: Mediation and Musical Performance in Post-liberalization Bangalore
2013 Sebald, Brigita Ethno

Music Circulation and Transmission in Tbilisi, Georgia

2013 Tamang, Angsumala Ethno Music from the Margins: Performing and (Re)Defining Gorkha Cultural and Political Identity at India's Borderlands
2012 Raimondi, Julie Ethno Space, Place, and Music in New Orleans
2012 Appert, Catherine Ethno Modernity, Remixed: Music as Memory in Rap Galsen


Dirksen, Rebecca


Power and Potential in Contemporary Haitian Music: Mizik Angaje, Cultural Action and Community-Led Development in Pre- and Post-Quake Port-au-Prince
2012 Silvers, Michael Ethno

Sounding Ceará: Music and the Environment in Northeastern Brazil

2012 Wiens, Kathleen Ethno

A New Song: Emerging Sephardic Music in Serbia

2011 Nesmith, Nakisha Ethno Saudades de Itapuã : Music, Black Identity, and Community in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
2011 Hogan, Brian Ethno

Enemy Music: Blind Birifor Xylophonists of Northwest Ghana


Crespo, Francisco


Spanish-Language Radio Shock: Spanish-Language Radio Music Programming In The Soundscape of Los Angeles, a Dynamic Sign of the City’s Life and Times

2011 Carlson, Julius Ethno The “Chacarera Imaginary”: “Santiagueñan” Folk Music and Folk Musicians in Argentina
2011 Salazar, Lauryn Ethno From Fiesta to Festival: Mariachi Music in California and the Southwestern United States
2010 Zanfagna, Christina Ethno Holy Hip Hop in the City of Angels: Music, Urban Space, and the Politics of Conversion
Macy, Elizabeth


Music Tourism in New Orleans and Bali: A Comparative Study of Cultural Tourism Development


Aplin, Chris


Fort Sill Apache Cosmopolitans: Southwestern Music, Experience, and Identity in the Southern Plains

2010 Lucas, Anne Ethno Music of a Thousand Years: A New History of Persian Musical Traditions
2010 Chao, David Ethno Urtiin Duu: The Mongolian Long Song in Mongolia and China
2010 Harbert, Benjamin Ethno Doing Time: The Work of Music in Louisiana Prisons
2009 Pillich, Simeon Ethno Invisible Virtuosi: The Deskilling and Reskilling of Hollywood Film and Television Studio Musicians
2009 Dickerson, Valerie Ethno Are Those Congas in the Pulpit?: Hymns, Alabanza y Adoración (Praise and Worship) Music, and the Evangelical Subculture of Western Cuba
2009 Janeczko, Jeffrey Ethno "Beyond Klezmer": Redefining Jewish Music for the Twenty-first Century
2009 Rancier, Megan Ethno The Kazakh Qyi-Qobyz: Biography of an Instrument, Story of a Nation
2008 Ulaby, Laith Ethno Performing the Past: Sea Music in the Arab Gulf States
2008 Sharp, Charles Ethno Improvization, Identity and Tradition: Experimental Music Communities in Los Angeles
2008 Johnson, Birgitta Ethno "Oh, For a Thousand Tongues to Sing" Music and Worship in African American Megachurches of Los Angeles, California
2008 Miller, Kevin Ethno A Community of Sentiment: Indo-Fijian Music and Identity Discourse in Fiji and its Diaspora
2007 Lande, Liv Ethno Innovating Musical Tradition in Japan: Negotiating Transmission, Identity, and Creativity in the Sawai Koto School
2007 Lu, Hsin-chun (Tasaw) Ethno Constructing Musical Identity among Burmese Classical Musicians in Burma and its Diasporas
2007 Wheeler, Jesse Ethno Dark Matter: Towards an Architecture of Rock, Place, and Identity in Brasilia's Utopian Underground
2007 Yu, Youngmin Ethno Musical Performance of Korean Identities in North Korea, South Korea, Japan, and the United States
2007 Patterson, Karin Ethno Expressions of Africa in Los Angeles Public Performance, 1781-1994
2006 Ho, Meilu Ethno The Liturgical Music of Pusti Marg of India: An Embryonic Form of the Classical Tradition
2006 Wong, Connie Oi-Yan Ethno Singing the Gospel Chinese Style: "Praise and Worship" Music in the Asian Pacific
2006 Daughtry, J. Martin Ethno The Intonation of Intimacy: Ethics, Emotion, Metaphor, and Dialog Among Contemporary Russian Bards
2006 de Mel, Vasana Ethno Music as Symbol, Music as Emissary: A Study of the Kalypso and the Baila of Sri Lanka
2006 Ritter, Jonathan Ethno A River of Blood: Music, Memory, and Violence in Ayacucho, Peru
2006 Chen, Chiung-Chi Ethno From the Sublime to the Obscene: The Performativity of Popular Religion in Taiwan
2006 Wong, Chuen-Fung Ethno Peripheral Sentiments: Encountering Uyghur Music in Urumchi
2006 Merchant-Henson, Tanya Ethno Constructing Musical Tradition in Uzbek Institutions
2006 Van Buren, Kathleen Ethno Stealing Elephants, Creature Futures: Exploring Uses of Music and Other Arts for Community Education in Nairobi, Kenya
2006 Lubach, Kaye Ethno Tradition, Ideology and the History of Hindustani Music in the United States in the 20th Century
2006 Callen, Jeff Ethno French Fries in the Tagine: Re-imagining Moroccan Popular Music
2005 Bishop, Jack Ethno Who Are the Pirates: Power Relationships in a Globalized Music Market, Ethnomusicological Perspectives
2005 Moufarrej, Guilnard Ethno Music and the Ritual of Death Among the Maronite Christians in Lebanon
2005 Talusan, Mary Ethno Cultural Localization and Transnational Flows: Music in the Magindanaon Communities of the Philippines
2005 Hill, Juniper Ethno From Ancient to Avant-garde to Global: Creative Processes and Institutionalization in Finnish Contemporary Folk Music
2005 Browne, Kimasi Ethno Soul or Nothing: the Formation of Cultural Identity on the British Northern Soul Scene
2005 Corin, Amy Ethno Queer Country, Line Dance Nazis, and a Hollywood Barn Dance: Country Music and the Performance of Identity in Los Angeles, California
2005 Schrag, Brian Ethno How Bamileke Music-Makers Create Culture in Cameroon
2003 Amigo, Cristian Ethno Latino Music, Identity, and Ethnicity: Two Case Studies
2003 Mijatovic, Branislava Sys Mus Music and Politics in Serbia (1989-2000)
2003 Briggs, Ray Ethno Memphis Jazz: African American Musicians, Jazz Community and the Politics of Race
2003 Truchly, Veronica Ethno The World at our Doorstep: The Politics of Multicultural Spectacle
2003 Wooley, Amy Ethno Conjuring Utopia: The Appalachian String Band Revival
2002 Seeman, Sonia Ethno 'You're Roman!': Music and Identity in Turkish Roman Communities
2002 Alviso, Ric Ethno Musical Aspects of the Corrido, the War on Drugs and Their Convergence in a Federal Prison
2002 Connell, Andrew Ethno Jazz Brasileiro?: Musica Instrumental Brasileira and the Representation of Identity in Rio de Janeiro
2002 Fatone, Gina Ethno Making Hands Sing: Vocal-to-Motor Transfer of Melody Within Classical Scottish Highland Bagpiping and Selected Asian Instrumental Traditions in North America
2002 Hood, Kathleen Ethno Music and Memory in a Global Age: Wedding Songs of the Syrian Druzes
2001 Aoyagi, Takahiro Sys Mus Maqam Rast: Intervallic Ordering, Pitch Hierarchy, Performance, and Perception of a Melodic Mode in Arabic Music
2001 Castro, Christi-Anne Ethno Music, Politics, and the Nation at the Cultural Center of the Philippines
2001 Delgado, Kevin Ethno Iyesa: Afro-Cuban Music and Culture in Contemporary Cuba
2001 Feldman, Heidi Ethno Black Rhythms of Peru: Staging Cultural Memory Through Music and Dance, 1956-2000
2001 Keister, Jay Ethno Shaped by Japanese Music: Kikuoka Hiroaki and Nagauta Shamisen in Tokyo
2001 Li, Guangming Ethno Onomatopoeia and Beyond: A Study of the Luogu Jing of Beijing Opera
2001 Reigle, Robert Ethno Sacred Music of Serieng Village, Papua New Guinea
2001 Sancho-Velazquez, Angeles Sys Mus The Legacy of Genius: Improvisation, Romantic Imagination, and the Western Musical Canon
2001 Vassilakis, Pantelis Sys Mus Perceptual and Physical Properties of Amplitude Fluctuation and their Musical Significance
2000 Elliott, JanClaire Sys Mus Amneris and Aida: Their Vocal and Rhetorical Portraits Configured by Tessitura
2000 Henry, Clarence Ethno Religious and Musical Expressions of Candomble in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, and Los Angeles, California
2000 Moore, Charles Ethno William Christopher Handy and 'Uraeus Mi:' A Bantu-Centered Philosophical and Intracultural Assessment
1999 Borgo, David Ethno Reverence for Uncertainty: Chaos, Order, and the Dynamics of Musical Free Improvisation
1999 Catalano, Roberto Ethno Mediterranean World-Music: Experiencing Sicilian-Arab Sound
1999 Chuse, Loren Ethno Women in Cante Flamenco: Music and the Negotiation of Identity
1999 Frishkopf, Michael Ethno Sufism, Ritual, and Modernity in Egypt: Language Performance as an Adaptive Strategy
1999 Hajda, John Sys Mus The Effect of Time-Variant Acoustical Properties on Orchestral Instrument Timbres
1999 Parnes, Sam Ethno A History of Filipino Rondalla Music and Musicians in Southern California
1998 Attinello, Paul Sys Mus Interpretation of Chaos: A Critical Analysis of Meaning in European Avant-Garde Vocal Music, 1958-61
1998 Dickerson, Dwight Ethno Central Avenue Meets Hollywood: The Amalgamation of the Black and White Musicians Unions in Los Angeles
1998 Holmes, Michael Ethno The Music of the St. Brigid Catholic Church Choir: African-American Gospel in a Catholic Liturgy
1998 Kidula, Jean Ngoya Ethno Sing and Shine: Religious Popular Music in Kenya
1997 Igarashi, Kenneth Ethno A Post-Modern Analysis of Noise: A Musical Genre Incorporating Improvisation and Eclecticism
1997 Simonett, Helena Ethno Loud and Proud: The Social History and Cultural Power of Mexican Banda Music
1997 Wu, Jia-Yu Ethno Between Traditional Musical Practices and Contemporary Musical Life: A Study of the Karaoke Phenomenon in Taiwan
1996 Colicci, Giuseppina Ethno Invocation in a Fisherman's Festival for the Madonna del Lume: San Diego, California and Porticello, Italy
1996 O'Connell, John Ethno Alaturka Revisited: Style as History in Turkish Vocal Performance
1996 Wenten, I Nyoman Ethno The Creative World of Ki Wasitodipuro: The Life and Work of a Javanese Gamelan Composer
1996 Williams, Maria Ethno Alaskan Native Music and Dance: The Spirit of Survival
1995 Bryant, Wanda Ethno Virtual Musical Communities
1995 Chao-Chin, Nancy Hao-Ming Ethno Twentieth Century Chinese Vocal Music -- Its Development and Nationalistic
Characteristics Since the May Fourth Movement to 1945
1995 Lipscomb, Scott Sys Mus Cognition of Musical and Visual Accent Structure Alignment in Film and Animation
1995 Mahoney, Therese Ethno The White Parasol and the Red Star: The Lao Classical Music Culture in a Climate of Change
1995 Makubuya, James Ethno Endongo Bowl Lyre of Uganda: Its Significance in the Culture of the Baganda
1995 Sonneborn, D. A. Ethno Music and Meaning in American Sufism: The Ritual of Dhikr at Sami Mahal, a Chishtiyya-Derived Sufi Center
1994 Apan, Valeriu Ethno The Panpipe (Nai) in Contemporary Romanian Folk Music
1994 Okazaki, Yoshiko Ethno Music, Identity, and Religous Change Among the Toba Batak People in North Sumatra
1994 Pacheco, Javier Ethno History, Identity, and the New Song Movement in Mexico City: A Study in Urban Ethnomusicology
1994 Sullivan, Susan Clark Ethno Orientations in Ethnomusicological Analysis: An Exploration of Structuralist Theories
1993 Bakan, Michael Ethno Balinese Kreasi Baleganjur: An Ethnography of Musical Experience
1993 Goldblatt, Elizabeth Ethno Vajrayana Buddhism as Viewed Through a Tibetan Ritual, the Padmasambhava Ceremony
1993 Romero-Hymer, Brenda Ethno The Matachines Music and Dance in San Juan Pueblo and Alcalde, New Mexico: Contexts and Meanings
1993 Stern, Theodore Sys Music Comparative Analysis of the Berlin Schreyerpfeifen and Contemporary Reproductions as Related to the Performance of Early Music
1993 Sugarman, Jane Ethno Engendering Song: Singing and the Social Order at Prespa Albanian Weddings