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Popular Music

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Years employed Faculty name Title Area
1949-90s Robert Stevenson Professor Rock
1962-85 David Morton Professor American popular music; American popular music Archive
1963-89 D.K. Wilgus Professor American folk and popular music
1971-76 William G. Carter Acting Assistant Professor American folk and popular music
1990-91 James Robbins Visiting Assistant Professor Popular music of the Americas
1994-present Cheryl L Keyes Associate Professor American popular music; rap and hip-hop
1999 Rene Lysloff Visiting Assistant Professor Music and technoculture
1999 Edwin Seroussi Lecturer Popular music of Israel
2000-12 Anthony Seeger Professor The music industry
2003 Deborah Wong Visiting Professor Performativity
2004-present Timothy Taylor Professor Global pop; music media; cultural theory
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 Jack Bishop Lecturer Global pop
2009, 2010 Birgitta Johnson Lecturer African American popular music
2012 Elizabeth Macy Lecturer Global pop