Published: March 5, 2008

About Mike Seeger
Mike Seeger is widely acclaimed for a lifetime of researching and playing the traditional music of the American South. Since his first recordings with the New Lost City Ramblers in the late nineteen fifties, Mike has gone on to record almost forty albums, both solo and with others. He has received many grants, prizes, and awards and has been honored with six Grammy nominations. Seeger has also produced many carefully researched audio and video compilations of American traditional music and dance.

Residency Activities
April 8-22, 2008

Public Lecture/Demonstration:
"The Guitar in the Rural South: Searching for a History"

Wednesday, April 16
1-3pm Schoenberg Music Building 1343 (Orchestra Room)

Mike Seeger will describe his experience preparing the brief historical essay for his recent Smithsonian Folkways CD, Early Southern Guitar Sounds (SFW 40157, released in 2007). The process included contacting independent scholars, instrument makers and collectors, and string manufacturers, as well as consulting books on southern history and musical instrument manufacturing. Mr. Seeger will illustrate the talk with recorded and performed examples of Southern guitar playing styles and give suggestions of work yet to be done-the areas that still need exploration.


Lecture for Music Around the World (ETHNOMU 5):
"The Sounds of Pre-media Southern Rural Music"

Monday, April 14
9-11am Schoenberg Music Building 1325 (Choral Room)

Mike Seeger will perform, talk about, and play recordings that trace the sounds that evolved in the southern US, from the 17th century-unaccompanied voice, fiddle, quills, jew's harp, and percussion-to the early 20th century and the harmonic sounds of the fretted banjo, guitar, and autoharp.


Master Classes

* Thursday, April 10, 7-9pm: Southern Guitar (bring your own guitar), 1343 SMB (Orchestra Room)

* Friday, April 11, 7-9pm: 5-String Banjo Picking Styles (bring your own banjo), 1345 SMB (Band Room)

* Monday, April 21, 7-9pm: Jew's Harp/Jaw Harp, 1402 SMB


Ash Grove Festival - April 18-20, 2008

Friday, April 18, 8pm: Concert in Royce Hall (Mike Seeger performs)

Saturday, April 19, 11am-6pm: Workshops (Hillbilly Fever w/Mike Seeger at noon, 1345 SMB)

Parking in Lot 2 - $8 (Hilgard and Westholme Avenue)