Loren Nerell
Recording Technician
M.A. (1998) Ethnomusicology, UCLA; B.S. (1990) Anthropology/Geography, Cal Poly Pomona

(310) 825-5260

Loren Nerell works for the departments of Ethnomusicology and Music. In the mornings Loren does troubleshooting for classes in Schoenberg Hall and Popper Theater, and is on call for technical problems in the classrooms. He is also a recording engineer, responsible for recording student recitals and faculty concerts.

Loren is also a composer and has written music for film, theater, dance, and interactive multi-media. He has performed with the Kronos Quartet, has recorded several albums of original work and has appeared on recordings for artists such as Steve Roach, Paul Haslinger, Djam Karet, and L. Subramaniam and was the mastering engineer for the Ethnomusicology department's CD Bali South. He spent several months in Java and Bali studying native styles of gamelan music, some of which he has performed in the greater Los Angeles area with the gamelan dance/music group Burat Wangi. His thesis is on the ceremonial gamelan music of Bali called lelambatan. For more information, please go to his website at