Kobla Ladzekpo

Emeritus Adjunct Assistant Professor
West African music ensemble
M.A. Anthropology, Cal State Northridge;
B.A., California Institute of the Arts


Kobla Ladzekpo is founder and director of Zadonu African Music and Dance Company and former co-director of the Cal Arts African Music and Dance Ensemble. He comes from a family of composers and dancers who have served for many generations as lead drummers and composers among the Anlo-Ewe people of southeastern Ghana. In recent years, Ladzekpo and other members of the Ladzekpo family have become much in demand as lecturers and performers in Ghana and other parts of Africa, Europe, Australia, and the United States. In California, he and his brothers have become well known for their annual production of The Africans Are Coming, a music and dance concert presenting groups representing several African cultures.

Ladzekpo also has his own recording label, Zadonu Records.