Kathleen Hood

Publications Director and Events Coordinator
Ph.D. (2002) Ethnomusicology, UCLA

(310) 825-5947

Kathleen Hood supervises the Department of Ethnomusicology publications program and is also the special events coordinator. She is responsible for: overseeing the sales of ethnomusicology publications, CDs, DVDs, and videotapes; producing the journal Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, CDs, DVDs, and other publications of the department; overseeing and assisting with publication of departmental newsletter, CD and DVD covers, publications catalog, and concert programs. As special events coordinator, she assists the Chair and other faculty to organize all aspects of symposia, lectures, performances, and other special events. Kathleen has a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from UCLA, specializing in the music of the Near East. She is also a professional cellist and is a member of the Long Beach Symphony. For more information, please go to her website at http://kathleenhoodmusic.com/