General Requirements

Senior recital. Students must participate in a senior recital, which will take place during the spring quarter of their senior year. Students must enroll in ETHNMUS 186 (2 units) with their emphasis advisor in spring quarter. The performance may take place on campus (in Schoenberg Music Building) or at an off-campus venue. It must be performed live and video recorded. The recording must be submitted to a faculty committee for evaluation.

The recital will be evaluated on musicianship, program balance, timing, variety of material, sound quality, level of performance, organization, overall presentation and program notes.

Recital Guidelines

Musical content 
The recital should be prepared in close association with the student’s private instructor who will work with the student in choosing material for the recital. This preparation should begin during the first quarter of the student’s final year as an undergraduate.

The repertoire of the recital should be varied enough to allow the student to present a musically balanced program. The program should showcase the knowledge, skills, breadth and depth of the student. The repertoire should include musical selections that are from a minimum of four different eras and styles of jazz music, such as swing, bebop, modal, and contemporary. Other optional styles to include are Dixieland, ragtime, fusion, Latin jazz and avant-garde. Further, the musical selections should vary in tempo, mood, key signature, rhythm style and time signature. Additionally, the students should present a minimum of two original works in terms of compositions and/or arrangements. In the case of vocal jazz, the students will be expected to include: one vocalese piece, one solo transcription, two songs that include lyric embellishment, vocal improvisation and/or scat singing. The jazz vocal students should also include three original arrangements and/or compositions.

The music performed by the student giving the recital should be performed from memory, with the exception of pieces that are unusually complex. This would be looked upon favorably by everyone concerned. Memorizing the music would not apply to the accompanying musicians.

Scheduling the recital
Students who are eligible to perform a senior recital will receive their recital packet in Fall or Winter Quarter. Recitals are scheduled for the Spring Quarter, and the student is asked to select three dates. The selections must be approved by their private teacher.

Once the requests are submitted to Allison Taka's office, students will be assigned dates on a first-come-first-served basis. Students will be sent an assignment letter, which outlines all services.

Logistics and preparation 
In preparing for their recitals, there are numerous logistical considerations that the student must plan for, including the following:

a) locating musicians/singers/accompanists
b) organizing rehearsal time (a minimum of three rehearsals is highly recommended)
c) booking the venue (see "scheduling the recital" above)
d) checking lighting, sound and equipment needs (see "sound system" below)
e) creating and duplicating a printed program (see "printed program" below)
f) timing the recital for length
g) arranging for recording the recital
h) organizing a reception
i) promotional materials such as posters
j) appropriate recital attire (see "Promotion" below)
k) staff/faculty signatures/approvals needed before and after the recital
l) transportation needs

All of these tasks are the responsibility of the student, but can be discussed with members of the performance committee and the undergraduate advisor. See sections below for details.

Printed programs
All performances must have a printed program with pertinent information about the musical selections, including performers. The program should also include a brief description and/or analysis of the individual selections and the date the composition was written. Don't forget to include the month, day and year of the recital! Faculty are expected to assist their students in preparing performance program copy and must sign the Program Approval Form. Please give one copy of your program to Allison Taka to keep for the record.

You must make copies yourself of the program. Bring them with you to the performance.

Program format
There is a standard format for all student recital programs. This format must be followed. When preparing for the Program Approval Form, be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. The cover format must include:

a) The UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music
b) Department of Ethnomusicology
c) Your name
d) Jazz Studies Concentration 
e) "Senior Recital"
f) Recital date and time
g) Recital location

2. The inside format must include:

a) the title and composer of each piece
b) information about the style of the piece or the composer's ideas and influences
c) include the names of accompanists or other performers
d) your biography (short - 3 to 5 sentences) 
e) brief acknowledgements are permitted on the program

NOTE: Please pay attention to spelling, capitals, and include complete names and titles. All questions regarding programs should be addressed to the private instructor.

Recital promotion
Students are expected to promote their own recitals. They can get some assistance from the department, but the main responsibility is up to the student. They must promote their recitals through the use of posters, fliers, mailers, email lists, and other possible media outlets.

Posters, fliers and emails are to be distributed and posted at least ten days before the recital. Posters and fliers can be placed on official ethnomusicology boards in Schoenberg Music Building; do not place on wall, doors, and windows. The date of completion of the recital's promotion should be noted and submitted as part of the recital report to the undergraduate advisor.

Sound System 
Students should remember the importance of sound in a concert as it can have a positive or negative effect on the musicians and the audience. Students are responsible for making the sound system at the venue as good as possible. The person in charge of the performance venue can best help to fulfill the needs of the expected recital program. Well before the recital date, the student needs to inspect the venue and the existing sound system and try to learn how to use it. If at all possible, the student should have an early sound check/rehearsal in the venue before the recital.

On-campus (Schoenberg) technical needs
Students must contact Shelley Eckart via email <> no later than one week before the recital. The email must include the following information: 1) what the program is about or the format or type of music that will be played; 2) the technical aspects need to be addressed.

Off-campus technical needs
It is the student's responsibility to contact representatives from the venue where they will have the recital, to take care of their technical needs.

Audio or video recording
For recitals taking place in Schoenberg
Please confirm your recital date and time with the Technical Services office, at least one week prior to your recital. The Technical Services Office will make an audio recording of your performance. This recording will serve as documentation that you have completed your capstone requirement for the jazz studies concentration, and will be made available to the faculty for their evaluation.

For recitals taking place at an off-campus venue
You are required to make a video (DVD or VHS) recording of the recital. This recording will serve as documentation that you have completed your capstone requirement for the jazz studies concentration and will be made available to the faculty for their evaluation. Please submit a copy of the recording to Al Bradley no later than one week after your recital. However, the video recording must be given to Allison Taka by Friday of 10th week, even if the recital takes place during 10th week.

The video recording should be labeled with the following information:

a) Your name
b) Jazz Studies Concentration
c) "Senior Recital"
d) Recital date and time
e) Recital location

This recording will not be returned. It will remain as a permanent record of the completion of your recital.

Should it be necessary to cancel or change a recital date, please notify Allison Taka. Recital change petitions are available in Allison Taka's office. The instructor's signature is required.