The undergraduate major in Ethnomusicology provides students with a wide-ranging liberal arts education in music. At its core, this includes (1) comprehensive knowledge of music cultures of the world, (2) understanding of the interrelationship of music, society, and culture, (3) grounding in the basics of Western music theory and musicianship, and (4) the experience of playing in one or several musical ensembles from various traditions around the world.

The major is offered with two concentrations: one in jazz studies with emphases in composition and performance, and one in world music with emphases in general world music, performance and/or composition, public ethnomusicology, and scholarly research.

Jazz Studies Concentration
* Undergraduate Program/Jazz Studies

World Music Concentration
* Undergraduate Programt/World Music


Departmental Scholar Program
Ethnomusicology majors in the World Music Concentration are eligible to fufill requirements for:
* Departmental Scholar Program