For information on current fees, go to UCLA Graduate Student Fee Information.

A small number of one-year fellowships are available to entering Ph.D. students. These typically cover fees, nonresident tuition (if applicable), and a stipend for living expenses. In the second year and until advancement to candidacy, all students judged by the faculty to be making good to excellent progress in the program receive financial support either from the department or other campus entities. Department support usually takes the form of teaching assistantships, research assistantships, or research fellowships that provide for fees and a salary (and fellowships to cover nonresident tuition, if applicable).

Financial support for fieldwork after advancement to candidacy is normally up to the student and secured through grants from university and external agencies. When the student and his/her advisor are reasonably certain that the dissertation is within one year of completion, the student may apply for a dissertation-year fellowship from the UCLA Graduate Division. Our students have been notably successful in receiving this type of support.