4/27/18 Global Melodies: Returning from three decades of hiatus, Thai music ensemble continues to grow
4/20/18 Global Melodies: Balkan Music Ensemble
4/12/18 Global Melodies: Students explore new sounds, find home in Music of Bali Ensemble
4/5/18 Global Melodies: UCLA Klezmer Music Ensemble aims to revive culture through performances
3/20/18 The Ethnomusicology Archive Closes for Renovation, Spring and Summer 2018
2/20/18 There will be a strong UCLA presence at the upcoming SEMSCHC (Society for Ethnomusicology, Southern California and Hawa’ii Chapter) conference, scheduled for February 24-25, 2018 at Pomona College.
6-27-17 The department sponsored a day-long symposium “Ethnomusicology in Theory and Practice” on May 19, 2017.
2-21-17 The Waikhruu Ritual at UCLA
11-14-16 The Society for Ethnomusicology's 61st Annual Meeting
08-31-16 Restored Thai Musical Instruments Strengthens Ties Between UCLA and Community (UCLA Newsroom)
06-15-16 Topanga Success for the Bluegrass Hoppers
04-29-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: Atumpan (Daily Bruin)
04-15-16 Mariachi de Uclatlán Performs in the Netherlands
04-15-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Venerable Dark Cloud (Daily Bruin)
04-08-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The nay (Daily Bruin)
04-01-16 Yin and Yang of Music (UCLA Magazine)
04-01-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Scottish Fiddle (Daily Bruin)
03-04-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Chinese dizi (Daily Bruin)
02-26-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Levantine buzuq (The Daily Bruin)
02-19-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The American washtub bass (Daily Bruin)
02-12-16 Ramchandar Examines Department's Veenas
02-11-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Thai jakhee (Daily Bruin)
01-22-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Turkish 'ud' (Daily Bruin)
01-05-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Guatemalan marimba (Daily Bruin)
02-01-16 LA Law Library Exhibit on African Drumming
01-15-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Indian sitar (Daily Bruin)
01-13-16 'Japanese Traditional Performing Arts in the WWII Interment Camps:' Documentary film screens Jan 22 (UCLA Newsroom)
01-08-16 UCLA professor channels tradition and art with the Irish flute (Daily Bruin)
01-08-16 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Irish flute (Daily Bruin)
01-06-16 Travels to Bulgaria with the Varimezovi
01-05-16 Family of Tsun Yuen Lui Creates $20,0000 Scholarship Fund
12-18-15 Ethnomusicology Publications and E|R Exhibit Together at SEM
12-03-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: The [Bulgarian] gaida (Daily Bruin)
11-20-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: The [American] banjo (Daily Bruin)
11-13-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: The Chinese erhu (Daily Bruin)
11-06-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: Afro-Cuban Batá drums (Daily Bruin)
10-30-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: The West African gondze (Daily Bruin)
10-23-15 Sound of Schoenberg: The Indian tabla (Daily Bruin)
10-16-15 Sounds of Schoenberg: the Balinese gamelan ensemble (Daily Bruin)
10-14-15 Thai Instrument Metamorphosis
09-16-15 Jazz Composer's Orchestra Institute 2015 Summer Intensive: Interview with James Newton
09-09-15 UCLA Ethnomusicology Makes a Splash at ICTM 2015
08-07-15 UCLA plans to centralize, grant autonomy to Herb Alpert School of Music (Daily Bruin)
08-05-15 UCLA moves forward to formally establish independent Herb Alpert School of Music (UCLA Newsroom)
07-30-15 Interview with Scott Hackleman, Sitar Repair Specialist
03-16-15 Ethnomusicology Archive’s efforts to preserve cultural memory are threatened  (UCLA Newsroom)
03-03-15 Alfsen and Students Come From Norway to Visit UCLA
02-17-15 Interview: Going Places with Herb Alpert (Afropop Worldwide)
01-09-15 3 instruments reported stolen from UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology (Daily Bruin)
10-31-14 SEM Annual Meeting Begins November 13
10-06-14 Natividad "Nati" Cano Has Passed
12-06-13 UCLA Ethnomusicology Department announces events for winter 2014 (UCLA Newsroom)
11-19-14 A Jazz Institution Moves Back Home to Los Angeles (NPR)
11-13-13 Society for Ethnomusicology 58th Annual Meeting
10-01-13 UCLA Ethnomusicology Department announces events for fall 2013 (UCLA Newsroom)
07-08-13 2013 Graduates Honored
06-12-13 Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje: Celebrating 34 Years of Service to UCLA
05-07-13 Mariachi de Uclatlán 50th Anniversary Celebration: Interview with Organizers Lauryn Salazar and Jessie Vallejo
04-29-13 Ellingtonia to honor jazz musician (Daily Bruin)
04-10-13 UCLA Ethnomusicology Department announces events for spring 2013 (UCLA Newsroom)
02-07-13 In Memoriam: Paul Tanner, big band trombonist, helped bring jazz education to UCLA (UCLA Today)
01-30-13 Encounter of World Music and Dance in Mexico City: an Interview and Photo Essay
01-17-13 In Memoriam: Harihar Rao (1927-2013)
12-18-12 UCLA Ethnomusicology Department announces events for winter 2013 (UCLA Newsroom)
10-22-12 Article by Archivist Maureen Russell, "The Ethnomusicology Archive, University of California, Los Angeles, (UCLA),   Music Reference Services Quarterly, volume 15, issue 3, 2012 (includes interview with Emeritus Professor Tony Seeger).
10-11-12 A Dragon's Tale
09-25-12 UCLA Ethnomusicology Department announces events for Fall 2012 (UCLA Newsroom)
07-11-12 2012 Graduates Honored
03-22-12 UCLA Ethnomusicology announces events for Spring 2012 (UCLA Newsroom)
03-09-12 Jairazbhoy Oral History Now Online
12-15-11 UCLA Ethnomusicology announces events for Winter 2012 (UCLA Newsroom)
10-13-11 UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive turns 50
10-03-11 UCLA Ethnomusicology announces events for Fall 2011, including Kenny Burrell at Royce Hall (UCLA Newsroom)
10-03-11 East Meets West in UCLA's musical exchange with Shanghai Jiao Tong University (Daily Bruin)
09-21-11 2011 World Music Summer Institute: a sixth successful year
07-05-11 2011 B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. graduates honored
07-01-11 All This Jazz (UCLA Magazine)
05-22-11 Ethnickelodeon concert to bring pianola instrument back to life (Daily Bruin)
05-20-11 Room policies restrict ability of students in ethnomusicology to rehearse outside of class (Daily Bruin)
05-20-11 Rare world music concert to feature a pianola (UCLA Today)
05-04-11 Ostin Family Foundation funds new music facility at UCLA (UCLA Newsroom)
04-15-11 UCLA Philharmonia to debut at Walt Disney Concert Hall in 'A Celebration of World Music' (Daily Bruin)
04-13-11 Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz to begin partnership with UCLA in 2012 (L.A. Times)
04-13-11 Jazz greats join forces to bring Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz to UCLA (UCLA Newsroom)
04-11-11 UCLA's musicians, composers to take stage at Disney concert hall (UCLA Today)
04-06-11 Masanga Marimba Ensemble to bring sounds of Africa to campus in celebration of ethnomusicology department  (Daily Bruin)
03-23-11 UCLA Ethnomusicology concludes 50th anniversary with events, Disney Hall concert (UCLA Newsroom)
03-08-11 UCLA at Walt Disney Hall, a celebration of world music (UCLA Newsroom)
01-13-11 Thank you, Dr. DjeDje
12-13-10 Sounds of the World: The Americas Concert (Daily Bruin)
11-23-10 UCLA's big band jazz concert introduces four diverse orchestras, ensembles in free quarterly show (Daily Bruin)
11-22-10 All that jazz (Daily Bruin)
11-08-10 World Music: Brazil (Daily Bruin)
11-08-10 World Music: Near East (Daily Bruin)
11-08-10 World Music: Mexico (Daily Bruin)
11-02-10 Year-long celebration of Ethnomusicology Department’s 50th anniversary continues Wednesday with concert ‘Music of Europe and the Americas’ (Daily Bruin)
10-06-10 Around the world of music in 50 years (UCLA Today)
09-27-10 UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology continues 50th anniversary celebration with fall events (UCLA Newsroom)
09-21-10 Balkan Choir tours Bulgaria this summer
09-21-10 Fifth Annual World Music Summer Insititute: Going Strong
07-09-10 Congratulations to the 2010 graduates!
06-28-10 Newton conducts Charles Mingus Large Ensemble concert
06-09-10 UCLA Ethnomusicology celebrates its 50th anniversary
05-27-10 BatUCLAda Brazilian drum ensemble hits Fowler Museum (Daily Bruin)
05-17-10 Spring Festival of World Music and Jazz kicks off the ethnomusicology department's yearlong celebration of it's 50th anniversary (Daily Bruin) (The article has an error: the Department of Ethnomusicology was founded in 1989; the Institute of Ethnomusicology was founded in 1960).
05-13-10 Department of ethnomusicology celebrates 50th anniversary with year of special events (UCLA Newsroom)
05-09-10 It's Hammer time for UCLA ensembles (Daily Bruin)
05-09-10 Francisco Aguabella dies at 84: Afro-Cuban percussionist (Los Angeles Times)
12-08-09 Africa Meets North America, 3rd International Symposium and Festival, a major success
12-01-09 In Memoriam: Suenobu Togi
10-14-09 Thefts prompt aggressive protective measures (Daily Bruin)
08-04-09 Students learn about music and culture at the fourth annual World Music Summer Institute
07-07-09 Congratulations to 2009 B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. graduates!
06-24-09 In Memoriam: Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy
04-20-09 Jazzed About Ellington's Legacy (Daily Bruin)
04-09-09 Bluegrass band to play at Fowler (Daily Bruin)
08-07-08 Martha Rider selected as the new Management Services Officer
07-16-08 Third Annual World Music Summer Institute
07-15-08 Celebrating the 2008 B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. graduates
06-08-08 Finding their own rhythm (Daily Bruin)
05-09-08 On An International Scale (Daily Bruin)
05-05-08 Worldstock 2008, free student-run concert, features a wide variety of musical talent
04-17-08 Ash Grove: folk's L.A. stomping ground (Daily Bruin)
04-17-08 Blue Grass Roots (Daily Bruin)
03-25-08 Mike Seeger, 2007-08 Regents' Lecturer, Residency Activities
03-25-08 Library exhibit - Songs of solidarity: music is the weapon
03-25-08 Karen Briggs comes to UCLA
03-25-08 Betty Price: celebrating 26 years at UCLA
03-25-08 Passings
01-03-08 Aaron Bittel, new Ethnomusicology Archive Librarian
11-18-07 Gift unites music disciplines (Daily Bruin)
08-30-07 Second Annual World Music Summer Institute
07-16-07 Department honors 2007 B.A., M.A., and Ph.D graduates
06-24-07 Ethnomusicology Ensembles Bring Music, Culture Together (Daily Bruin)
06-10-07 New school jazz (Daily Bruin)
05-20-07 At UCLA, Spring Festival of World Music and Jazz strikes a common chord: University's collection of instruments serves as tools to forge a global harmony (Los Angeles Times)
05-17-07 Students strike up a global rhythm (Daily Bruin)
11-29-06 Centennial celebration (Daily Bruin)
10-16-06 A place to sing about (Los Angeles Times)
09-28-06 New Archive Librarian, Phoebe Nelson
08-18-06 First Annual World Music Summer Institute
08-10-06 Graduation reception 2006 honors B.A. , M.A., and Ph.D. graduates
04-12-06 Essential education (Daily Bruin)
04-11-06 Who's the Bossa? (Daily Bruin)
04-01-06 Preserving and celebrating L.A. gospel music (UCLA Magazine)
04-01-06 Ethnomusicology Archive takes lead in preserving gospel music (UCLA Magazine)
01-27-06 UCLA Obituary: Sherman Ferguson
11-08-05 Bob Brown's illness
10-19-05 Celebrating African American music (Daily Bruin)
09-26-05 Department thanks Tim Rice for 10 years of service as chair
09-26-05 Mary Crawford retires after serving 32 years as graduate advisor
09-13-05 UCLA Obituary: Mantle Hood, 87; founded UCLA Ethnomusicology Program
09-07-05 Department establishes Mohindar Brar Sambhi Endowed Chair in Indian Music
08-21-05 Founder of Ethnomusicology Program dies (Daily Bruin)
07-01-05 Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje named new chair of the Department of Ethnomusicology
06-12-05 Music makers create their careers (Daily Bruin)
03-09-05 Trying to find their voice (Daily Bruin)
04-14-04 Spring festival brings ethnic mix (Daily Bruin)
03-03-04 Jazz ensemble honors Armstrong's innovative stylings (Daily Bruin)
05-17-03 Ensemble honors Burrell's contributions to jazz at UCLA (Daily Bruin)
05-10-03 A springtime showcase (Daily Bruin)
05-15-02 Series of concerts at UCLA showcase global music, culture (Daily Bruin)
11-08-01 40 Years...And still rockin' (Daily Bruin)
01-16-01 Anthony Seeger Appointed Professor (UCLA Newsroom)
02-17-99 Burning Desire (Daily Bruin)
10-06-98 Voices from the East (Daily Bruin)
05-27-98 Festival displays cultural influences (Daily Bruin)
02-13-97 A new tune (Daily Bruin)
11-06-96 Bringing jazz, fun to UCLA (Daily Bruin)