DongSuk Kim

Emeritus Adjunct Assistant Professor
Korean Music Ensemble
Ph.D. Ethno-church music, ChongShin University, Los Angeles; M.A. Conducting, Hope University, Fullerton; B.A. Korean music theory, Seoul National University College of Music; diploma in Korean music and dance, National Korean Classical Music Academy.

DongSuk Kim is founder and director of the Korean Classical Music and Dance Company, and president of the Korean-American Culture and Arts Association. He and his groups have performed at prestigious venues such as the New York Metropolitan Opera House, the Los Angeles Music Center, the White House, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, the Hollywood Bowl, the 1984 Olympic Arts Festival, and the 1988 Seoul Olympic Arts Center. He has also performed extensively and given workshops through the Los Angeles Unified Schools District’s Intercultural Awareness Program, the Music Center on Tour Program, the Orange County Performing Arts Center, San Diego Young Audiences, Santa Barbara Children’s Creative Project, San Jose Young Audiences, and the Performing Tree. Dr. Kim has had his own radio program for over ten years through the Radio Korea Broadcasting system. He teaches at private colleges and gives lessons at his private studio on Korean traditional instruments and dance. He has been a faculty member in the UCLA Department of Ethnomusicology since 1997. At UCLA Kim teaches group lessons on the kayagum (12 stringed plucked zither), komungo (2-stringed plucked zither), daegum (large transverse flute), haegum (2-stringed fiddle), changgo (hourglass-shaped drum), buk (barrel drum), and jing(large gong).