Requirements for Admission to the Departmental Scholar Program


Overview of departmental scholar program

The departmental scholar program at UCLA permits academically outstanding undergraduates who have completed preparation for the major to pursue the B.A. and M.A. degrees at the same time. The student's department Chair must nominate the student; for exact procedures once the Chair has agreed to do so, please see

Requirements of the Department of Ethnomusicology

The Department of Ethnomusicology has established the following requirements that must be met before the chair can nominate any student for this program:

  1. The overall GPA and the GPA in the major must be at least 3.80.
  2. The student must present to the faculty two research papers that represent their best original research and writing.
  3. The student must present to the faculty a personal statement that indicates (a) why they wish to do this, and (b) what their plans are after receiving the B.A. and M.A. degrees.
  4. A ladder faculty member must agree to be the student's official M.A. program adviser and the adviser of their M.A. paper. This colleague must write a letter of support (a) guaranteeing that they will carry out these duties, (b) addressing the student's overall work and scholarly potential, and (c) attesting to the fact that either they or another qualified colleague (such as the Director of Graduate Studies or the Chair) has counseled the student as to the potential implications of the decision (see "counseling" paragraph below). A second letter of support must come from another ladder faculty member within the Department who is familiar with the student's work.
  5. Once all these requirements are met, the file must be provided to the entire ladder faculty for inspection. A majority "yes" vote of the entire ladder faculty is necessary to permit acceptance to departmental scholar status.


Either the faculty member who intends to act as the student's M.A. adviser and M.A. paper adviser or another suitably qualified colleague, such as the Director of Graduate Studies or the Chair, must arrange a counseling session with any student who wishes to undertake this program. The workload and the student's ability to handle it must be discussed. The student's future plans should also be discussed. This is especially important in light of the fact that in general we discourage our own B.A. graduates who wish to continue to the Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from earning all three degrees (B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) at the same institution—both academically and in career terms, having experience at two different universities tends to be preferable. Therefore, if a student ultimately aims to come back to UCLA for their Ph.D., they may be better advised to consider applying to do their M.A. elsewhere, then applying to come back to UCLA for the Ph.D. thereafter if they still wish to do so.

(rev: 17 June 2013)