Name                      Concentration   Interests

Baxter, Olivia




World Music




My concentrations are Jazz violin & Old-time Appalachian Fiddle. I aspire to someday work from NPR as a music journalist or found an educational program in an underprivileged community that celebrates improvisatory stringed music and songwriting. I am currently involved with UCLA Symphony, and the Old-Time & Bluegrass Ensemble. In addition to my fiddle endeavors, I am passionate about songwriting and teaching.


Henry, Nicholas




Jazz Studies;
Music Industry minor




My main instruments are the alto, tenor, and soprano saxophones and sometimes I play piano. My interests in music are playing in jazz combos and big bands as well as playing in funk, R&B, and contemporary music groups. I'm also building to become a producer/composer/manager in any of my interests and my goal is to work with the best in the field. I'm willing to work with anyone that has the potential and determination to go far in the music world.


Jue, Laura



World Music



I play guitar and Irish tenor banjo. My main interests are English and Scottish balladry and northern European dance music including Irish and Scandinavian. I'm working toward a career in research. I play with the Irish ensemble, though my primary genre of performance is English/Scottish balladry with a contemporary folk sound. My website is


Kim, Max




Jazz Studies




I am a baritone saxophone specialist that doubles on tenor sax, alto sax, bass clarinet, Bb clarinet, and flute.  I am passionate about playing jazz, funk, soul, and brass band music, but I always love exploring new genres. I have experience composing and arranging for large and small ensembles.


Mesihovic, Zana


World Music


Jazz, Balkan music, and a variety of traditions from Asia, The Middle East, Cuba and Africa. As a modern artist and a singer/songwriter I find the “music of the people” of any ethnicity to be an infinite source of inspiration. I am also interested in the origin and history of the Roma people and their contribution to music globally as well as the healing properties of musical instruments and tunings of the indigenous peoples of the world. My most obvious musical influences are Afro-American jazz and Balkan music, primarily from the former Yugoslav region.

My band in LA is called "The Balkan Soul Orchestra” and Balkan Soul is the name I chose to define my musical direction. Zana's website:

Oh, Tim       Jazz Studies   Tenor and alto saxophone. Jazz, funk, blues, ska, and reggae.
Peet, Ellington       Jazz Studies   Drums, with interests in jazz, hip hop, rock, among many other genres. Experience with recording.
Price, Ben       Jazz Studies   Specializing in jazz vocals, choral singing, folk, and pop. Arranging is a focus of mine as well. Interested in nearly everything else!

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