Name                               Specialization   Research interests
Agha, Albert     Ethnomusicology   Music of the Middle East and North Africa; aesthetics of music; philosophy of music and religion; folklore and popular music of the Middle East; music and politics; Middle Eastern musical practice in Southeast Asia.

Amoozegar-Fassie, Farzad




Hermeneutics and critical theory; phenomenology of music; language of authority and ownership; ethics and aesthetics in performance; Iran, Middle East. I am also a PhD student in the Department of Anthropology.


Bolin, Marc






American roots and African-American folk music, particularly jug band music; jazz; jazz opera; jazz poetry; brass bands; marching-performing-street bands in the United States; West Coast Hip-Hop orchestras; and LA studio culture. Marc's website


Conner, Ron




Northeast Brazilian sacred and festival traditions (especially maracatu cearense); música popular brasileira (MPB), African diaspora in Latin America and Caribbean; intersections of nationalism, race, and gender/sexuality; memory and political violence; historical ethnomusicology. Ron's website


Kluth, A. J.


Systematic Musicology

  Contemporary philosophical interpretive strategies of musical meaning, aesthetics, philosophy of mind, enactivism and music cognition, and jazz studies.

Mathias, Alyssa




Music of Armenia and the diaspora; music of Turkey; sound studies; music, sport, and fitness; choral music.


Robinson, Larry




Indigenous and popular music of Taiwan, consumption and distribution of popular music between Mandarin speaking countries throughout East Asia and Southeast Asia.


Rodriguez, Alex W.






Jazz, Jazz Clubs, Spatial Theory, Urban Anthropology, Transnational Studies, Argentina, Chile, Russia, Musical Improvisation, Jazz History, Jack Teagarden. Alex's website


Rostami, Mehrenegar






Ethnomusicology, Intercultural musical encounters, Improvisation, Globalization and Hybridity, Music and Politics, Music and Aesthetics, Music and Philosophy, Iranian traditional music, Music of the Silk Road, Middle Eastern studies.


Schmidt, Eric J.






Music in the Sahel and Sahara (particularly Tuareg music and music of Niger); festivals and tourism; capitalism and globalization; media circulation; music and conflict. Eric's website


Sprengel, Darci






Egyptian popular music, gender, urban spaces, relationship between space and music, commercialization, capitalism, music and technology, American popular music, music and social change.


Stuparitz, Otto






Traditional and popular musics of Indonesia; music and technology; consumption and distribution models; globalization and capitalism; identity and music; intercultural musical improvisation.



* partial list