Ensemble History: Music of China Ensemble

The Music of China Performance Group was formed during the 1959-60 academic year.  In May 1960, they performed in the “Festival of Oriental Music and the Related Arts,” presented by the UCLA Music Department, with Tsun-Yuen Lui performing on the pipa and the chin, and Mantle Hood serving as commentator. The group remained an extra-curricular “study group” until the 1964-65 academic year, when the course Music 45C/145C (Music of China) was offered for the first time. Instructors of the Music of China Ensemble include: Tsun-Yuen Lui (1960-91); graduate students Guangming Li and Cynthia Hsiang; and Chi Li (1998 to the present). For more information see Music of China Ensemble.



tsun-yuen liu playing chinese pipa2_reduced tsun-yuen lui playing chinese qin_reduced
Tsun-Yuen Lui playing Chinese pipa
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive
Tsun-Yuen Lui playing Chinese qin
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive
china065 china063
Kun Opera (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney
Student playing Chinese zheng (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney
li china_drum_ensemble_2006_reduced
Chi Li playing Chinese erhu
Photo: Courtesy Chi Li 
Music of China drum ensemble (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney
Student playing Chinese erhu (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney