Ensemble History: Music and Dance of the Balkans Ensemble

The Music of the Balkans Ensemble began in 1960-61 as part of an academic course, Music 129, Music of the Balkans, taught by Boris Kremenliev.  The course included “performance on representative instruments” as a requirement. During the 1964-65 academic year, the course Music 45B/145B (Music and Dance of the Balkans) was offered for the first time. The course was divided into two sections: instrumental and vocal. Instructors of the Music and Dance of the Balkans Ensemble include: Boris Kremenliev (1960-76); Tim Rice (1987-92); Georgi Doichev (1992-93); Tim Rice (1995-00); Vassil Bebelekov (2000 - 01); Tzvetanka Varimezova (2001 to the present); Ivan Varimezov (2001 to the present). Graduate students Kathleen Wrobel, Laurel Isbister, and Angela Rodel have played strong leadership roles in the ensemble at various times during its history. For more information see Music and Dance of the Balkans Ensemble.


Balkan group (1987)
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive
Bulgarian Women's Choir (2007)
Photo: Todd Cheney
balkan_band_2007_reduced ivan_and_tzvetanka_2007_reduced
Balkan Band (2007)
Photo: Todd Cheney
Ivan and Tzvetanka (2007)
Photo: Todd Cheney
Bulgarian Women's Choir in Bulgaria (2010). Photo: Aaron Bittel




















tzvetanka_reduced ivan_reduced
Tzvetanka Varimezova in Bulgaria (2010)
Photo: Aaron Bittel
Ivan Varimezov in Bulgaria (2010)
Photo: Aaron Bittel