Ensemble History: Music of Bali Ensemble

The Music of Bali Performance Group was formed during the 1959-60 academic year.  In May 1960, they performed in the “Festival of Oriental Music and the Related Arts,” presented by the UCLA Music Department, with Mantle Hood as director. The group remained an extra-curricular “study group” until the 1964-65 academic year, when the course Music 45A/145A (Music and Dance of Bali) was offered for the first time. The course was divided into two sections: gamelan gong and gender wayang. Instructors of the Music of Bali Ensemble include: Mantle Hood (1960-74); I Wayan Gandera (1960-64); Tjokorda Mas (1960-66); Hardja Susilo (1967-71); KRT Wasitodipuro (1977-79); I Nyoman Wenten (1995 to the present); Nanik Wenten (1995 to the present). For more information see Music of Bali Ensemble.

revittphoto1_reduced bali hood with gertrude rivers robinson  1_reduced
I Wayan Gandera and Tjokorda Mas
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive
Mantle Hood teaching Gertrude Robinson
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive

indonesia dancers_reduced

Music of Bali dancers
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive 

indonesia bali hood leading students5_reduced

Mantle Hood leading Balinese gamelan
Photo: Courtesy Ethnomusicology Archive

wenten_reduced wenten
I Nyoman Wenten teaching in the Gamelan Room (2003)
Photo: Todd Cheney
I Nyoman Wenten
Photo: Courtesy I Nyoman Wenten 
bali061 bali06_dancers_reduced
The Music of Bali Ensemble (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney

The Music of Bali Ensemble dancers (2006)
Photo: Todd Cheney