Recent Acquisitions

Commercially produced sound recordings

The American fogies. Volume two.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, p1996. CD 0389
ARCD 3024

Ansambel Nagelj. Planinski krst.
Novo mesto, Slovenia: Sraka International, cp1991. SCD 02
ARCD 8295

Authentic Romania.
München: Sonoton Music, p1999. SAS 068
ARCD 8298

Beaton, Alex. Beaton’s best.
Woodland Hills, CA: Glenfinnan Music, p1994. CR113CD
ARCD 4315

Bowers, Bryan. Friend for life.
Cambridge, Mass.: Flying Fish Records, p2000. 18964-0675-2
ARCD 4253

Bush, Sam. Ice caps peaks of Telluride.
Durham, NC: Sugar Hill Records, 2000. SUGCD 3917
ARCD 4263

Charivari (Musical group). I want to dance with you.
Cambridge, MA : Rounder Records, p2000. 82161-6091-2
ARCD 4254

Clancy, Liam. The lark in the morning.
Salem, MA: Tradition, p1996. TCD 1001
ARCD 3025

Corries (Musical group). Flower of Scotland.
[Faversham, Kent, UK]: Moidart Music Group, [1991], p1990. MOICD 002
ARCD 4317

—–. The Corries: the silver collection, 1966-1991.
[Faversham, Kent, UK]: Moidart Music Group: Nimbus Records, p1991. MOICD 005
ARCD 4318

Country Gentlemen. Country songs, old and new.
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Folkways; Cambridge, Mass.: Nationally distributed by Rounder Records, p1990. CD SF 40004
ARCD 3026

—–. Folk songs and bluegrass.
Washington, DC: Smithsonian Folkways; Cambridge, Mass.: distributed by Rounder Records, p1991. CD SF 40022
ARCD 3027

Dansk refrainsang i 1930’ erne.
[Denmark]: Statsbiblioteket Musiksektionen, c2001. SBCD 02
ARCD 8299

Díaz, Joaquín. Ola.
[Montréal]: Joaquin Diaz, [2000]. MMM10449
ARCD 8272

Dickens, Hazel. Hazel Dickens & Alice Gerrard: pioneering women of bluegrass.
Washington, DC : Smithsonian/Folkways, p1996. SF CD 40065
ARCD 8271

—–. It’s hard to tell the singer from the song.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, c1987. 82161-0226-2
ARCD 4255

Elman, Tony. First harvest.
Published/distributed: Camarillo, CA : Acorn Music, p1994.
Publisher number: AM006

Feenjon Group (Musical group). Salute to Israel.
New York : Monitor, [1993?]. MCD-61746
ARCD 8274

Guthrie, Woody. Woody Guthrie sings folk songs.
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian/Folkways; Cambridge, Mass.: Distributed by Rounder Records, p1989. CD SF 40007
ARCD 3029

Irish traditional music.
Scotland: Temple Records, p2000. COMD2079
ARCD 4247

Kahn, Si. Been a long time.
Blue Bell, PA: Sliced Bread Records, p2000. CD-SB71202
ARCD 4248

Lauder, Harry, Sir. Sir Harry Lauder.
Glasgow, Scotland: Lismor, p1994. LCOM 5232
ARCD 4319

Lunsford, Bascom Lamar. Ballads, banjo tunes, and sacred songs of western North Carolina.
Washington, DC : Smithsonian/Folkways, p1996. SF 40082
ARCD 8273

McCaslin, Mary. Rain: the lost album.
Hambergen, Germany: Bear Family Records, p1999. BCD 16232
ARCD 4320

Milladoiro (Musical group). Auga de maio.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, p2000. GLCD 3134
ARCD 4265

Parsons, Niamh. In my prime.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, p2000. GLCD 1203
ARCD 4264

Pipes and Drums of the Black Watch (Great Britain). Proud heritage.
Glasgow, Scotland: Lismor Recordings, p1993. LCOM 5221
ARCD 4316

Powell, Dirk. If I go ten thousand miles.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, p1996. CD 0384
ARCD 3023

Reynolds, Malvina. No closing chord: the songs of Malvina Reynolds.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p2000. RHR CD 143
ARCD 4246

Smither, Chris. Live as I’ll ever be.
Oakland, CA: HighTone Records, p2000. HCD 8120
ARCD 4250

Stampede!: Western music’s late golden era.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder, p1996. CD 1103
ARCD 3015


Chinese shadows: the amazing world of shadow puppetry in rural northwest China / a film documentary by Frank Kouwenhoven & Antoinet Schimmelpenninck.
[Leiden, Netherlands]: Pan Records, c2007. PAN 9607
ARCD 257


De la Tierra, Tatiana. [United States, Central America, South America, 1960s-1990s].
Collection 2012.08