Recent Acquisitions for April 2012

Commercially produced sound recordings

Abdo, George. The joy of belly dancing.
New York: Monitor, p1990. MCD 61764
ARCD 8316

Burks, Michael. From the inside out.
Birmingham, Ala.: Vent Records, c1999. VR 30014
ARCD 4238

Chine: classical & folk music.
Boulogne, France: Sunset-France, [2011], p2011. SA 141224
ARCD 8349

Cleary, Jon. Moonburn.
Beverly Hill, CA: Pointblank: Manufactured by Virgin Records America, p1998. 7243 8 47334 2 1
ARCD 4239

Diagne, Amadou. Introducing Amadou Diagne.
London: World Music Network, p2012. INTRO115CD
ARCD 8341

Ensemble Texto. Musiques juives baroques: Venise, Mantoue, Amsterdam (1623-1774): hommage a Israel Adler.
Paris, France: Buda Musique, [2012]. 860212
ARCD 8343

Four Bitchin’ Babes (Musical group). Beyond bitchin’.
Newton, NJ: Shanachie, p2000. 8035
ARCD 4219

Hinojosa, Tish. Sign of truth.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder, p2000. 11661-3172-2
ARCD 4220

Holt, David. I got a bullfrog: folksongs for the fun of it.
Fairview, NC: High Windy Audio, p1994. HW 1255
ARCD 8314

Morrison, Van. The skiffle sessions: live in Belfast.
Beverly Hills, CA: Virgin Records, p2000. 7243 8 48307 2 4
ARCD 4240

Musselwhite, Charlie. Continental drifter.
Beverly Hills, CA: Pointblank, p1999. 7243 8 47130 2 7
ARCD 4242

Naiman, Arnie. 5 strings attached. Volume 2.
Aurora, Ont.: Merriweather Records, [2000?]. M02CA
ARCD 4218

Noise & chill out: Ethiopian groove worldwide.
Paris, France: Buda Musique, p2011. 860215
ARCD 8345-8346

Perù Andino (Musical group). Perou: hymne au soleil = Perù: himno al sol.
Boulogne, France: Sunset-France, p2011. SA 141223
ARCD 8348

The Rough guide to bluegrass: Cold coal town.
London: World Music Network, p2012. RGNET1267CD
ARCD 8350

The Rough guide to Fado.
London: World Music Network, [2012]. RGNET1260CD
ARCD 8352-8253

Rudd, Roswell. Roswell Rudd’s Malicool.
[New York]: Sunnyside Communications, p2002. SSC 3008
ARCD 8315

Taj Mahal (Musician). Shoutin’ in key: Taj Mahal & the Phantom Blues Band live.
New York, NY: Kan-Du Records, p2000. HNCD 1452
ARCD 4241

Viseur, Gus. Compositions 1934-1942.
[France?]: Frémeuax & Associés; La Plaine St. Denis: dist. Night & Day, p1993. FA 010
ARCD 8307

Field Recordings

Zha, Fuxi. [China, qin music, 1945].
Tapes 600-602


Hood, Mantle. Atumpan, the talking drums of Ghana.
Los Angeles, Calif.: UCLA Ethnomusicology Publications, [2008?], c1964.

—–. Four Indonesian films.
Los Angeles, Calif.: UCLA Ethnomusicology Publications, [2008?], c1969.