Recent Acquisitions for August/September 2011

Commercially produced sound recordings

Bamboo Orchestra Marseille. Tchi sui ka fu.
[France]: PlayaSound, p2009. PS 66414
ARCD 7939

Burrell, Kenny. All day long.
Berkeley, Calif.: Prestige Records, p1990. OJCCD-456-2
ARCD 8033

Castelo, Custódio. The art of the Portuguese fado guitar: tempus.
East Grinstead, West Sussex, Great Britain; Clearwater, FL: ARC Music, pc2011. EUCD 2315
ARCD 8028

Celtic Tenors. So strong.
New York: EMI Records: Distributed by Angel Records, p2002. 7243 5 57284 2 5
ARCD 4695

Fiesta tropical.
Frankfurt/Main: Network: Edition Silvermoon, p2009. 495129
ARCD 7940

A Guitarra Limpia.
La Habana: CEISIC, 2001.
ARCD 8059

Damba, Mah. À l’ombre du grand baobab.
France: Buda Records, 2010. 2753612
ARCD 8094

Esposito, Flavio. Napoli e dintorni.
France: Buda Records, [2010]. 3018166
ARCD 7909

Jōnouchi, Misa. Spiritual discovery.
France: Buda Musique: Takumi Note, [2010]. 860188
ARCD 7928

Kent, Enoch. I’m a workin’ chap.
Toronto: Second Avenue Records, [2002]. SAS2007
ARCD 4696

Listen to the banned.
[S.l.]: Freemuse, p2010. 2-VLT-15231
ARCD 2814

Nua teorainn: new Celtic music from Green Linnet.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, 2000. glcd 1204
ARCD 4216

Puceanu, Romica. Chansons tziganes.
[France]: Buda Musique: Distribution, Universal, [2009]. 3017973
ARCD 7931 – 7932

Ramzy, Hossam. Egypt unveiled.
East Grinstead, West Sussex, Great Britain; Clearwater, Fla.: ARC Music, p2011. EUCD 2316
ARCD 8027

She’koyokh Klezmer Ensemble. Buskers’ ballroom.
East Grinstead, West Sussex: ARC Music, p&c2011. EUCD 2322
ARCD 8026

Syrinx. Flûte de pan.
[France]: Buda Musique: Distribution, Universal, [2009]. 3017976
ARCD 7929 – 7930

Tutty, Paddy. The roving jewel.
Saskatoon: Prairie Druid, p2000. PA05
ARCD 4226

Wedding & love songs.
New York, NY: Claddagh/Atlantic, p2000. 83292-2
ARCD 4215

Zanzibara. 5, Hot in Dar: le son de la Tanzanie = the sound of Tanzania, 1978-1983.
[France]: Buda Musique: Distribution, Socadisc, p2009. 860184
ARCD 7933


Keyes, Cheryl Lynette. Beyond Central Avenue: contemporary female jazz instrumentalists of Los Angeles.
[Los Angeles, Calif.]: Cheryl Keyes, c2011.

Yuksam drayang = melody from Yuksam, Sikkim.
Sikkim: Yuksam Drayang, c2009.