Recent Acquisitions for April – May 2011

Commercially produced sound recordings

Alabama Sacred Harp Convention (1999 : Henagar, Ala.) In sweetest union join.
Santa Cruz, CA: Community Music School of Santa Cruz, p2000. CM102
ARCD 7895 – 7896

The Beat generation.
Santa Monica, CA: Rhino/Word Beat, p1992. R2 70281
ARCD 8034 – 8036

Bratland, Sondre. Mysteriet.
[Oslo, Norway]: Kirkelig Kulturverksted, c1990. FXCD 95
ARCD 8066

Burrell, Kenny. God bless the child.
New York, N.Y.: CBS Records, [1987?]. ZK 40808
ARCD 8049

—–. Kenny Burrell at the Five Spot Café.
Hollywood, Calif.: Blue Note, p1987. CDP 7 46538 2
ARCD 8047

Chants Kanaks.
[St. Michel de Provence, France]: Chant du Monde; France: Distribution Harmonia Mundi, p1990. LDX 274 909
ARCD 8062

Fernández, Vicente. El mayor de los potrillos.
Miami, Fla.: Sony Discos, p2001. RMK 84446/2-499166
ARCD 8052

Freya, Jo. Traditional songs of England.
Wotton-Under-Edge, Glos., England: Saydisc Records, p1993. CD-SDL 402
ARCD 8069

From slavery to freedom: music of the Saramaka Maroons, Suriname.
New York: Lyrichord, [1981?]. LLST 7354
ARLP 16841

Gazeller: 78 devirli taş plak kayıtları = Ottoman-Turkish vocal improvisations in 78 rpm records.
İstanbul: Kalan, p1997. CD 067
ARCD 8023

Ghana: Music of the Northern tribes.
New York: Lyrichord, [1977?]. LLST 7321
ARLP 16842

Glenn Horiuchi Trio. Hilltop view.
Berkeley, CA: Music & Arts Programs of America, p1996. CD-935
ARCD 8041

—–. Mercy.
Berkeley, CA: Music & Arts Programs of America, p1996. CD-962
ARCD 8037

Glenn Horiuchi Unit (A) (Musical group). Fair play.
[Italy]: Soul Notes, p1999. 121328-2
ARCD 8040

Horiuchi, Glenn. Calling is it and now.
[S.l.]: Soul Note, p1995. 121268-2
ARCD 8045

—–. Elegy for Sarajevo.
Oakland, CA: Asian Improv Records, c1998. AIR 0035
ARCD 8046

—–. Kenzo’s vision.
Berkeley, Ca.: Asian Improv Records, p1995. AIR 0022
ARCD 8043

—–. Oxnard beet.
Milano, Italy: Soul Note, p1992. 121 228-2
ARCD 8038

—–. Poston sonata.
Berkeley, CA: Asian Improv Records, [1992?]. AIR-008
ARCD 8042

Jaga Jazzist (Musical group). What we must.
[Norway]: Smalltown Supersound, p2005. STS093CD
ARCD 8053

Jarman, Joseph. Pachinko dream track 10.
Berkeley, CA: Music and Arts Programs of America, p1998. CD-1040
ARCD 8044

Javanese music from Surinam.
New York, N.Y.: Lyrichord, [1977?]. LLST 7317
ARLP 16840

Juluka (Musical group). Ubuhle bemvelo.
Van Nuys, CA: Rhythm Safari: Distributed by Priority Records, [1991], p1982. CDL 57146
ARCD 8072

Kronos Quartet. Pieces of Africa.
New York, N.Y.: Elektra Nonesuch, p1992. 79275-2
ARCD 8070

Land, Harold. The fox.
Berkeley, CA: Contemporary, 1988. OJCCD-343-2
ARCD 8058

McPhee, Colin. Balinese ceremonial music.
Colchester, Essex, England: Chandos, p2003. CHAN 5017
ARCD 8050

Music of the Ashanti of Ghana.
New York: Ethnic Folkways Records, 1979. FE 4240
ARLP 16843

Osa, Sigbjørn Bernhoft. Sigbjørn Bernhoft Osa.
Norway: Buen Kulturverkstad, c1990. BKCD 1
ARCD 8071

Percussioner international. Vol. 1, no. 1.
Brooklyn, N.Y.: PALM Recordings, pc1984. PMV 1384
ARC 2856

Percussioner international. Vol. 1, no. 2.
Brooklyn, N.Y.: PALM Recordings, p1985. PMV 1286
ARC 2857

Percussioner international. Vol. 1, no. 3.
Brooklyn, N.Y.: PALM Recordings, pc1986. PMV 1386
ARC 2855

Sarmanto, Heikki. Northern pictures; New England images.
[Finland]: Finlandia, p1988. FACD 924
ARCD 8064

Signos (Musical group). Espejo = Mirror: MEX, USA.
México, D.F.: Quindecim Recordings, [2002]. QP 097
ARCD 8039

Suso, Foday Musa. Kora music from the Gambia.
NYC, New York: Folkways Records, c1978. FW 8510
ARLP 16845

Ueda, Junko. Japon: l’épopée des Heike = Japan: the epic of the Heike.
Donneloye, Suisse: VDE-Gallo, p1990. VDE CD-650
ARCD 8068

Women’s songs of Ghana.
New York: Folkways Records, pc1981. FE 4257
ARLP 16844

World ballads.
[Germany]: Network Germany, 2010. 495130
ARCD 8016 – 8017

Field Recordings

California. Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation. Arts-in-Corrections. [California Arts-In-Corrections Program, 1983-2009].
Collection 2010.01

Gillis, Verna. [Ghana, Benin, Togo, and Suriname, 1976-1977].
Collection 2011.01

Wulliger, Marilyn K. [Ghana, c. 1962: Lectures and demonstrations by J. H. Kwabena Nketia, Efua Sutherland, Eric O. Ayisi, A. K. Quarcoo, Joe Coleman De Graft, Albert Mawere Opoku, B. A. Aning, and K. Y. Daaku].
Collection 2011.05


Holst-Warhaft, Gail. Road to rembetika: music of a Greek sub-culture: songs of love, sorrow, and hashish. 4th ed.
Limni, Evia, Greece: D. Harvey, 2006.
ML3499.G8 H65 2006; For accompanying CD, see ARCD 8015

The New Acquisitions List debuted May 2001; this is the tenth anniversary issue.