Recent Acquisitions for February 2011

Commercially produced sound recordings

Aotearoa: land of hope.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p2001. PAN 2094
ARCD 7869

Babakhanov, Ari. Shashmaqam: the tradition of Bukhara.
Amsterdam: New Samarkand, p1999. Sam cd 9002
ARCD 7880

Celtic divas.
New York, NY: Claddagh/Atlantic, p2000. 83323-2
ARCD 4224

Chieftains. The Chieftains 1.
New York, N.Y.: Claddagh Records Ltd.: Atlantic Recording Corp. [distributor], p1964, c2000. 83324-2
ARCD 4222

Chieftains. The Chieftains 2.
New York, N.Y.: Claddagh Records Ltd.: Atlantic Recording Corp. [distributor], p1969, c2000. 833222
ARCD 4223

Dema: music of the Marind Anim: The Verschueren Collection 1962.
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Pan Records, 2008. 4018
ARCD 7867

Dörvön Berkh (Musical group). Four shagai bones: masters of Mongolian overtone singing.
[Netherlands]: Pan Records, c2010. PAN 2100
ARCD 7879

Farīdah. Mawal & maqamat Iraqi.
Amsterdam, Netherlands: New Samarkand Records; Leiden, The Netherlands: Distributed by Pan Records, p2000. SAM CD 9004
ARCD 7873

Grotewohl, Dan. Bear in the greengrass.
[S.l.]: Daniel A. Grotewohl, p2000.
ARCD 4211

Kolkheti Ensemble. Iavnana: songs from Georgia.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p2000. PAN 7010CD
ARCD 7881

The Maroni River Caribs of Surinam.
[S.l.]: Paradox; Leiden, Netherlands: PAN Records [distributor], p1996. 4005 KCD
ARCD 7863

Rabi: the new home of the exiled Banabans from Ocean Island.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p2000. PAN 2095
ARCD 7882

Seeger, Pete. Pete Seeger’s greatest hits.
New York: Columbia/Legacy, p2002. CK 65711
ARCD 4669

Songs from the uma: music from Siberut Island (Mentawai Archipelago), Indonesia.
[Netherlands]: Pan Records, c2009. PAN 2111/12
ARCD 7883 – 7884

The State of Amazonas: indigenous and criollo music from Venezuela.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, c2001. PAN 2092
ARCD 7865

Tipu pa Acholi = The spirit of Acholi: songs and dances of the Acholi in Uganda.
Leiden, the Netherlands: Pan Records, p1996. PAN 2029CD
ARCD 7868

World music from the Netherlands: migrants, travellers & natives.
[Leiden]: Pan Records, c2008. PAN 043
ARCD 7864


Percussioner international audio magazine.
Brooklyn, NY: Sal Sofia Industries, c1984-
ML1 .P428