Recent Acquisitions for June 2010

Commercially produced sound recordings

Acoustic blues gold collection.
Italy: DejaVu: Phonocomp SpA, p1992. 5-114-2
ARCD 2828

Avetisyan, Khachatur. Classical music for the Armenian kanun.
New York: Traditional Crossroads, c2007. CD 4336
ARCD 6790

Badu nawul: traditional and contemporary music and dance from Badu Island, Torres Strait.
[Thursday Island, Qld. : Torres Strait Regional Authority, 2008.
ARCD 7227-7228

Beausoleil. L’Écho.
Los Angeles, CA: Rhino Records, p1994. R2 71808
ARCD 2730

Block, Rory. When a woman gets the blues.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records Corp., p1995. CD 3139
ARCD 2819

Campbell, Kate. Songs from the levee.
Nashville: Compass Records, 1995. 7 4225 2
ARCD 2817

Chenier, Clifton. Frenchin’ the boogie.
France: Polydor/PolyGram, c1993. 519 724-2
ARCD 2824

Chieftains. The best of the Chieftains.
New York, NY: Columbia/Legacy, p1992. CK 48693
ARCD 2830

Clancy Brothers. Ain’t it grand boys.
New York, NY: Columbia/Legacy, p1995. C2K 57639
ARCD 2800-2801

Collins, Judy. Live at Newport.
Santa Monica, CA: Vanguard Records, p1994. 77013-2
ARCD 2750

Estacada, B. Serbie, Macédoine, Bosnie: chants et danses traditionnels.
Boulogne, France: Sunset-France, p2009. SA141180
ARCD 7665

Fuzzy Mountain String Band. The Fuzzy Mountain String Band.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder, p1995. CD 11571
ARCD 2855

Goodman, Steve. City of New Orleans.
Hackensack, NJ: Pair/Buddah, cp1989. PCD-2-1233
ARCD 2825

Gorka, John. I know.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1988. RHR CD19
ARCD 2781

Gregson, Clive. People & places.
Nashville, TN: Compass Records, c1995. 7 4227 2
ARCD 2809

Heroes & Zeros. Strange constellations.
[Norway]: Nightliner, p2007. 602517315594
ARCD 7239

Hills of home: 25 years of folk music on Rounder Records.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder, p1995. CD AN 16/17
ARCD 2859

Iama Wakai tusi = Voices of Iama: traditional and contemporary music and dance of Iama/Yam Island, Torres Strait.
[Thursday Island, Qld]: Torres Strait Regional Authority, c2008. TSRA 002
ARCD 7229-7230

Ila Auto. If you keep pickin’ it might never heal.
[Oslo, Norway]: Auto Records, [2006]
ARCD 7236

Kaplansky, Lucy. The tide.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1994. RHR CD 65
ARCD 2783

Kneelin’ down inside the gate: the great rhyming singers of the Bahamas.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder, p1995. CD 5035
ARCD 2860

Lavin, Christine. Please don’t make me too happy.
Newton, NJ: Shanachie, p1995. 8016
ARCD 2818

Live at the Bottom Line 1994.
New York, N.Y.: Fast Folk Musical Magazine, p1994. FFCD 802
ARCD 2847

Mabuygiw awgadhaw nawul: traditional and contemporary music and dance of Mabuiag Island, Torres Strait.
[Thursday Island, Qld]: Torres Strait Regional Authority, c2008. TSRA 003
ARCD 7225-7226

MacKenzie, Kate. Let them talk.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1994. RHR CD 66
ARCD 2785

Mallett, David. Dave Mallett– in the falling dark.
Santa Monica, CA: Vanguard Recording Society, c1995. 79480-2
ARCD 2786

Masters of the folk violin.
El Cerrito, CA: Arhoolie, p1995. CD-434
ARCD 2848

Mayhem. Ordo ad chao.
Norway: Season of Mist, p2007. SOM150
ARCD 7237

Monomen. Monomen LP.
[Oslo, Norway]: Trust Me Records, p2007. TMR030
ARCD 7238

Moore, Dave. Breaking down to 3.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1999. RHR CD 132
ARCD 3967

Murphy, Willie. Running, jumping, standing still.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, c1969, [1993]. RHR CD 63
ARCD 2784

Neal & Leandra. Hearts + hammers.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1994. RHR CD 62
ARCD 2782

Peter, Paul, and Mary (Musical group). PPM & (Lifelines).
Burbank, CA: Warner Bros. Records, p1995. 9 45851-2
ARCD 2826

—–. PP&M (LifeLines): words & music.
Burbank, CA: Warner Bros. Records, p1995. PRO-CD-7616
ARCD 2827

Phillips, Utah. The Moscow hold and other stories.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p1999. RHR CD 118
ARCD 3968

Purpose, Darryl. Right side of zero.
Los Angeles, CA: No More Silence Music, p1995. 1-9376-2
ARCD 2856

Rebel voices: songs of the Industrial Workers of the World.
Chicago: Flying Fish, p1992. FF 70484
ARCD 2829

Rishell, Paul. Moving to the country.
Cambridge, MA: Tone-Cool Records; [Universal City, Calif.]: Distributed by Universal Music & Video Distribution, p1999. TC34047-1174-2
ARCD 3966

Roots and branches.
Berkeley, CA: Prestige/Folklore, p1994. PRCD-9903-2
ARCD 2822

Ross, Sandy. Portraits of innocence.
Tarzana, CA: SLR Productions, c1995.
ARCD 2846

Schmidt, Claudia. Claudia Schmidt.
Chicago, IL: Flying Fish Records, 1989, p1979. FF 70066
ARCD 2712

—–. It looks fine from here.
St. Paul, Minn.: Red House Records, Inc., 1994. RHR CD 64
ARCD 2787

Seeger, Pete. Dangerous songs!?
New York, NY: Columbia/Legacy: Common Chord, [1998]. CK 65261
ARCD 4193

Singer-songwriters of the ’70s.
Los Angeles, CA : Rhino/Warner Special Products, p1995. R2 71843
ARCD 2815

Singer-songwriters of the ’80s.
Los Angeles: Rhino/Warner Special Products, p1995. R4 71844
ARCD 2816

Singing out loud.
Berkeley, CA: Prestige/Folklore, p1994. PRCD-9904-2
ARCD 2823

Small, Judy. Global village.
Fairfield, Vic., Australia: Crafty Maid, p1995. CMM009CD
ARCD 2857

Superfamily. Warszawa.
[Oslo, Norway]: Propeller Recordings, p2007. PRR12
ARCD 7240

Sweet Honey in the Rock. Live at Carnegie Hall.
Chicago, Ill.: Flying Fish, p1988. FF 70106
ARCD 2858

Tahiti: perle des mers du sud = pearl of the South Seas.
Boulongne, France: Sunset-France, p2009. SA 141179
ARCD 7666

When. Trippy happy.
Oslo, Norway: Jester Records: Distributed by Voices Music and Entertainment, p2007. TRICK040
ARCD 7241

Wilkie, David. Shoebox.
[Turner Valley, Alta.]: Centerfire Music, c1991. CFA003
ARCD 3974

Woodson, Joyce. Landscapes.
Santa Monica, CA: Radish Records, p1993. RAD 931
ARCD 2808


An evening with the UCSB Middle East Ensemble: November 22, 2003, Lotte Lehmann Concert Hall.
[Santa Barbara, Calif.]: UCSB Instructional Resources, Television Production, [p2004]. 3858

Phi ta kohn: ghosts of Isan.
Seattle, WA: Sublime Frequencies, [2006?]. SF026

Rumos, Brasil da música.
[São Paulo]: MCD: Itaú Cultural, p2005. ELD- 06-B-345678
ARDVD 116 – 121


Latcho drom = Bonne route.
[Paris?]: Compagnie France Film; Saint-Lambert, Quebec: Bourque-Moreau Associes [distributor], c1994.
ARVT 310

Mariachi: the spirit of Mexico.
W New York in association with KCET/Hollywood.
New York: WLIW New York, c2003. 08903 WLIW
ARVT 301

Whose is this song? = Chija e tazi pesen?
Bulgaria: Adela Media, c2003.
ARVT 281

Williamson, John. Anthems: a celebration of Australia.
[Australia]: Roadshow Entertainment (distributor), [2000?].
ARVT 107

—–. The way it is: songs and stories around the campfire.
[Sydney, Australia]: Emusic; Village Roadshow (distributor), c1999. 15239
ARVT 106


Yellum, Iris. [India, Hindustani classical music, 1964-2003]
Collection 2010.03

Yonan, Henry. [Kurdistan, Assyrian songs, 1948-1952]
Collection 2009.07


Terauchi, Naoko. Gagaku no rizumu kōzō: Heian jidaimatsu ni okeru Tōgakukyoku ni tsuite.
Tōkyō: Daiichi Shobō, 1996.
ML340 .T31 1996

Williamson, John. True blue two, the songbook.
Epping, N.S.W., Australia: Emusic, 2003. TB2 Emusic
ML3770 W55s 2003