Recent Acquisitions for April – May 2010

Commercially produced sound recordings

Alan Lomax in Haiti.
San Francisco, CA: Harte Recordings, p2009. HR 103
ARCD 7749 – 7758

Argentina, the Indians of the Gran Chaco.
[New York City], NY: Lyrichord Archive Series, p2005. LAS-7295
ARCD 7703

Armānjlji di Andon Poçi: căntitsi shi isturii = The Aromanians of Andon Poçi, Albania.
Bucureşti: Fundaţia Alexandru Tzigara Samurcaş, p2006.
ARCD 4043

Brown, Pearly. You’re gonna need that pure religion.
El Cerrito, CA: Arhoolie Productions, cp2002. CD 9025
ARCD 7695

Caimanes (Musical group). Huapangos y sones huastecos.
El Cerrito, CA: Arhoolie, cp1978 & 1995. CD-431
ARCD 7696

Cale, J. J. Guitar man.
Beverly Hills, CA: Delabel: Virgin Records America, 1996. 7243 8 41480 2 7
ARCD 3946

Carolan, Turlough. Celtic treasure II: the living legacy of Turlough O’Carolan.
Milwaukee, WI: Narada, p1998. 72438-46287-2-7
ARCD 3959

Celtic experience: haunting themes from Scotland and Ireland.
Nashville, Tenn.: Honest Entertainment, p1998. HONCD 1018
ARCD 3958

Celtic fiddle festival: encore.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, p1998. GLCD 1189
ARCD 3957

Cenzontles (Musical group). Con su permiso, señores.
El Cerrito, Calif.: Arhoolie Productions Inc., p1995. CD-435
ARCD 7699

Clarke, Terry. Mother Indigo.
Burlington, VT: Gadfly, p1999. 250
ARCD 3940

Collins, Lui. Paired down. Vol. 2.
Ashland, Mass.: Molly Gamblin Music: Threshold Music, cp1999.
ARCD 3948

Craver, Mike. Wagoner’s lad.
Lexington, NC: Sapsucker Records, p1999. Sapsucker 5555
ARCD 4026

Critchlow, Slim. Cowboy songs: “the crooked trail to Holbrook.”
El Cerrito, CA: Arhoolie, p1999. CD 479
ARCD 3933

Depression blues.
Los Angeles, CA: Laserlight, [1998]. 55 655
ARCD 3934 – 3936

Doyle, Danny. Rebels: the gold sun of freedom.
Manassas, VA: Doyle Music, p1998. DDCD1798
ARCD 3931

La Drivers Union Por Por Group. Klebo!
[Santa Fe, N.M.]: VoxLox, p2009. 109
ARCD 7726

Fleck, Béla. The bluegrass sessions: tales from the acoustic planet, volume 2.
Burbank, CA: Warner Bros., p1999. 9 47332-2
ARCD 3961

Forgotten guitars from Mozambique: Portuguese East Africa: 1955, ’56, ’57.
Utrecht, the Netherlands: SWP Records; Grahamstown, South Africa: International Library of African Music, p2003. SWP 025
ARCD 7701

Four Bitchin’ Babes (Musical group). Fax it! Charge it! Don’t ask me what’s for dinner!
[Newton, NJ]: Shanachie, p1995. 8018
ARCD 3952

Gerhard, Edward. Christmas.
Newmarket, NH: Virtue Records, p1991. VRD1920
ARCD 3945

—–. Counting the ways.
Newmarket, N.H.: Virtue Records, p1996. VRD 1922
ARCD 3949

Gospel Hummingbirds (Musical group). Taking flight.
San Francisco, CA: Blind Pig Records, p1995. BPCD5023
ARCD 7709

Granite Grass (Musical Group). My New Hampshire home.
Peterborough, NH : Granite Grass, 1998.
ARCD 3950

Greenway, Greg. Mussolini’s head.
Medfield, MA: Eastern Front Records, p1998. EFRCD115
ARCD 3951

Grupo Vocal Desandann. Descendants.
Redway, CA: Bembé Records, p1999. 2022-2
ARCD 7725

Jiménez, Santiago. Don Santiago Jiménez, his first and last recordings.
El Cerrito, Calif.: Arhoolie, p1994. CD-414
ARCD 7698

Kenyan songs and strings: 1950 & 1952 Kenya: Luo, Luhya, Kipsigis, Kikuyu, Nandi, Swahili, Wanga, Giriama.
Utrecht, the Netherlands: SWP Records; Grahamstown, South Africa: International Library of African Music, p2006. SWP 030/HT 019
ARCD 7702

Kouyate, Basekou. I speak Fula.
Seattle, WA.: Sub Pop Records, p2010. NXA 001
ARCD 4012

Kurosawa, Takatomo. Zhan shi Taiwan de sheng yin: Heize Longchao “Takasagozoku no ongaku” fu ke — ji Han ren yin yue: sounds from wartime Taiwan 1943: Kurosawa and Masu’s recordings of Taiwan aboriginal and Han Chinese music.
Taibei shi: Tai da chu ban zhong xin , 2008.
ARCD 7687 – 7689

Lambert, Dan. The clearing.
[S.l.]: Coordinate Records, p1997. HT 917
ARCD 3928

Lay, Linda. Taking the Crooked Road home.
Charlottesville, VA: Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, [200-?]. VFHCR107
ARCD 7710

Liang, Tsai-Ping. China’s instrumental heritage.
New York, N.Y.: Lyrichord, [between 1986 and 1993]. LYRCD 792
ARCD 7704

Lipscomb, Mance. Pure Texas country blues.
El Cerrito, CA: Arhoolie, p2002. CD 9026
ARCD 7697

MacArthur, Margaret. Vermont heritage songs.
Middlebury, VT: Vermont Folklife Center, p1994.
ARCD 3929

Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano. Mariachi all stars.
[S.l.]: Peer Southern Productions; Minneapolis, MN: Manufactured and distributed by K-Tel International (USA) Inc., pc1992. 4347-2
ARCD 7707

Muñequitos de Matanzas (Musical group). Rumba caliente 88/77.
New York, NY: Qbadisc, p1992. QB 9005
ARCD 7724

Na Connerys (Musical group). Celtic sessions.
Nashville, TN: Crestchart & Telos Holdings, Inc., 1997. HON CD 3006
ARCD 3960

Northern Cree Singers. Round dance songs recorded live.
Phoenix, Ariz.: Canyon Records, p2002. CR-6350
ARCD 7700

Reeltime (Musical group). Liveitup.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, p1998. GLCD1179
ARCD 3955

The Rough guide to tango.
London: World Music Network, p2009. RGNET1219CD
ARCD 7747 – 7748

Sing America.
New York, NY: Warner Bros. Records Inc., p1999. 9 47245-2
ARCD 3932

Sobol, Joseph. Citternalia: celtic music for cittern.
Johnson City, TN: Kiltartan Road Music, c1999. 1005
ARCD 3939

Southern Mozambique: Portuguese East Africa : 1943, ’49, ’54, ’55, ’57, ’63 : Chopi, Gitonga, Ronga, Tswa, Tsonga, Sena Nyungwe, Ndau.
Utrecht, the Netherlands: SWP Records; Grahamstown, South Africa: International Library of African Music, p2003. SWP 02
ARCD 7705

Venerated patterns of China and Japan.
[New York City], NY: Lyrichord Archive Series, p2005. LAS-7395
ARCD 7706

West Indian rhythm.
Germany: Bear Family Records, 2006. BCD 16623-1 JM — BCD 16623-10 JM
ARCD 7737 – 7746

Williams, Jack, musician. Across the winterline.
Naperville, IL: Wind River, [1999]. WR14004D
ARCD 3954

Winchester, Jesse. Gentleman of leisure.
Durham, N.C.: Sugar Hill Records, p1999. SHCD-1062
ARCD 3938

World music from Catalonia ’10.

[UK: Songlines Publishing], 2010.
ARCD 7721

World music under northern lights.
[Copenhagen]: World Music Denmark, [2009]. WMDCD 09
ARCD 7720

Yifrashewa, Girma. Elilta [sound recording] = cry of joy: Ethiopian classical music.
[Bulgaria?]: Balkan Multimedia Center: Girma Yifrashewa, c2005.
ARCD 7712


The voice of Iran: Mohammad Reza Shajarian.

Copenhagen: Kollektiv Film, [2006]

The “Recent Acquisitions List” debuted May 2001, so this is the ninth anniversary issue.