Recent Acquisitions for February – March 2010

Commercially produced sound recordings

Bartley, Geoff. Hear that wind howl: Delta and country blues.
Evanston, IL: Waterbug, p1997. WBG-0052
ARCD 3986

Blake, Norman. Be ready boys: Appalachia to Abilene.
Newton, N.J.: Shanachie, p1999. 6043
ARCD 3977

Blues at Kerrville.
Thetford Center, VT: Silverwolf, [200-?]. SWC 1016
ARCD 4086

Calhoun, Andrew. Where blue meets blue.
Evanston, Ill.: Waterbug, p1999. WBG 0049
ARCD 3987

Cameron, Moira. Lilies among the bushes.
Yellowknife, N.W.T.: M. Cameron, c1997. WRC8-7163
ARCD 3993

—–. One evening as I rambled– : a collection of traditional songs, stories & music.
Yellowknife, N.W.T: Moira Cameron, [1993]. MKC3968
ARCD 3992

Casey Neill Trio. Skree.
West Chester, PA: Appleseed, p1999. APR 1031
ARCD 3930

Climb against the odds.
Burbank, CA: PBS Records, p1999. 947493-2
ARCD 3985

The Cornshucker’s frolic. Vol. 1: downhome music and entertainment from the American countryside: classic recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s.
[Newton, N.J.]: Yazoo, p1999. 2045
ARCD 3975

The Cornshucker’s frolic. Vol. 2: downhome music and entertainment from the American countryside: classic recordings from the 1920’s and 30’s.
[Newton, N.J.]: Yazoo a division of Shanachie Entertainment, Corp., p1999. 2046
ARCD 3986

Daigrepont, Bruce. Paradis.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Select, p1999. CD 6090
ARCD 3962

Granger, Courtney. Un bal chez Balfa.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, p1999. CD 6089
ARCD 3963

Harrison, Tim. Tim Harrison.
Toronto: Second Avenue Records, [1999?]. SAS2005
ARCD 4088

Henry, Jim, musician. The wayback.
Whately, MA: Signature Sounds, p1999. SIG 1254
ARCD 4062

Henske, Judy. Loose in the world.
Pasadena, CA: Fair Star Music, 1999. 8323
ARCD 4083

Hills, Anne (Anne E.). Paradise lost & found.
Chicago, Ill.: Redwing Music, 1999. RWMCD 5406
ARCD 3982

Kahn, Paul. These ears and eyes.
Newtonville, MA: Foggy Day Discs, p1999. CDFD 049
ARCD 3983

Knechtel, Richard. Home & away.
Walkerton, Ont.: Greentree Music, [1999]. GT-CD663
ARCD 4066

Lewis, Laurie. Winter’s grace: seasonal songs.
Whately, Mass.: Signature Sounds; Dog Boy Records, [1999]. SIG 1251
ARCD 4064

Mabus, Joel. How like the holly.
Portage, MI: Fossil Records, p1999. FOSSIL1299
ARCD 4069

Main stage live: Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.
Whately, MA: Signature Sounds, p1999. SIG 1253
ARCD 4065

O’Flynn, Liam. The piper’s call.
Dublin: Tara, c1998. TARACD 3037
ARCD 3942

Petric, Faith. When did we have sauerkraut?: a collection of extraordinary and outrageous songs.
San Francisco, CA: Center, [1998?]. CR105
ARCD 3988

Pint, William. Hartwell horn.
Evanston, IL: Waterbug Records, c1999. WBG 0048
ARCD 3989

Polisar, Barry Louis. Family trip.
Silver Spring, MD: Rainbow Morning Music, c1993. CD 5171
ARCD 4090

—–. A little different.
Silver Spring, MD: Rainbow Morning Music, p1999. CD 5199
ARCD 4087

—–. Naughty songs for boys and girls.
Silver Spring, MD: Rainbow Morning Music, 1993, 1978. CD 4878
ARCD 4089

—–. Old dogs, new tricks.
Silver Spring, MD: Rainbow Morning Music, [c1993]. CD 5181
ARCD 4091

A Real Irish Christmas.
New York: Claddagh: Atlantic, p1999. 83226-2
ARCD 4082

Riders in the Sky. Christmas the cowboy way.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder, p1999. 11661-0445-2
ARCD 4084

Steagall, Red. Love of the West.
Burbank, CA: Warner Bros., c1999.
ARCD 3984

Suchy, Chuck. Different line of time.
Mandan, ND: Little Bluestem Records, c1999. LBR102
ARCD 3990

Tinker’s Own (Musical group). Bending the banshee’s ear.
Fountain Valley, CA: Riverrun Records, cp1999. SN2CD
ARCD 4048

Top Drawer String Band (Musical group). Top Drawer String Band.
Portage, MI: Fossil Records, p1999. FOSSIL1199
ARCD 4070

Trout Fishing in America (Musical group). Closer to the truth.
[Prairie Grove, AR]: Trout Records, p1999. TRT 14
ARCD 4061

White, Josh, Jr. In tribute to Josh White: House of the rising son.
Thetford Center, VT: Silverwolf, [1999]. SWCD 1015
ARCD 4085

Wise, Louisa. This blue world.
[Australia: L. Wise 1999?]. SLCD03
ARCD 3978

Video recordings

Catlin-Jairazbhoy, Amy. Music for a goddess.
Van Nuys, Calif.: Apsara Media, c2007.

Jairazbhoy, Nazir Ali. Folk music of Pakistan 1975-76: sounds and stills.
Van Nuys, Calif.: Apsara Media, c2007.

Field recordings

Jairazbhoy, Nazir Ali, 1927-2009. [India, 1985, 1986, 1993-1994]
Collection 2009.09


Sánchez C., Wálter. Luz Mila Patiño Festival: 30 years of cross-cultural encounters through music.
Geneva, Switzerland: Simón I. Patiño Foundation, c2001.
ML37.B5 L84 2001, for accompanying CDs, see: ARCD 7727-7729