Recent Acquisitions for December 2009

Commercially produced sound recordings

Amidon, Peter. Hymns & ballads.
Brattleboro, VT: Amidon Music, [1999]. ammus 09-02
ARCD 4105

Armenian player piano roll music from 1923: from the Zakar Kloian Collection, produced by the QRS Music Company, Buffalo, NY.
[New York?]: Heritage Music, 2006.
ARCD 7714

Armstrong, Chris. Quantum leap.
Glasgow: KRL, p1999. CDLDL 1295
ARCD 4119

Come dance with me in Ireland: classic Irish dance music.
New York, NY: Claddagh Records/Atlantic, p2000. 83273-2
ARCD 4143

Darling, Erik. Child, child.
Naperville, IL: Wind River, p2000. WR4013D
ARCD 4115

Expressin’ the blues.
[United Kingdom]: Cello Recordings; New York, N.Y.: Distributed by Sire Records, pc1999. MMKCD701
ARCD 4110

Fink, Cathy. Pillow full of wishes.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Kids, 2000. CD 8086
ARCD 4117

Gongs du Vietnam = Vietnamese gongs.
Boulongne, France: Sunset-France, p2009. SA141178
ARCD 7407

Hayes, Martin. Live in Seattle.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, Inc., p1999. GLCD1195
ARCD 4137

—–. The lonesome touch.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, Inc., p1997. GLCD1181
ARCD 4136

—–. Martin Hayes.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, p1993. GLCD 1127
ARCD 4136

—–. Under the moon.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, p1995. GLCD 1155
ARCD 4141

Limeliters (Musical group). Until we get it right.
Los Angeles, Calif: GNP Crescendo Records, [2001?]. GNPD 2266
ARCD 4109

MacArthur, Margaret. Ballads thrice twisted.
Marlboro, Vt.: Whetstone Records, c1999. WR 05 CD
ARCD 4107

New Middle Class (Musical group). New Middle Class.
[Jefferson Valley, N.Y.?]: 2nd Mortgage Records, p1999. 2M0003
ARCD 4111

Roth, David. Irreconcilable similarities.
Naperville, IL: Wind River Records, [1999]. WR4011-CD
ARCD 4103

Shindell, Richard. Somewhere near Paterson.
Whately, MA: Signature Sounds; [s.l.]: RSR, Richard Shindell Recordings, p2000. SIG 1256
ARCD 4112

Staines, Bill. October’s hill.
St. Paul, MN: Red House Records, p2000. RHR CD 139
ARCD 4118

Tabor, June. A quiet eye.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, p2000. GLCD 3129
ARCD 4104

Taconnet, Aline. Danses tyroliennes = Tyrolean dances.
Boulogne, France: Sunset-France, p2009. SA141177
ARCD 7406

Vincent, Rhonda. Back home again.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records, p2000. 11661-0460-2
ARCD 4108

Waybacks (Musical group). Devolver.
San Jose, CA: Fiddling Cricket Music, [2000]. FCM-001
ARCD 4140

Williams, Robin. In the company of strangers.
Durham, N.C.: Sugar Hill Records, p2000. SUG-CD-1064
ARCD 4114