Recent Acquisitions for November 2009

Commercially produced sound recordings

Barney, Carol.  Ceol anam.
Sharon, CT: Folk-Legacy Records, p1999.   CD-126
ARCD 4021

Battlefield Band.  Leaving Friday Harbor.
[Midlothian, Scotland]: Temple Records, p1999.   COMD2080
ARCD 4004

Bok, Gordon. All shall be well again.
Sharon, Conn.: Folk-Legacy, p1999.   CD-96
ARCD 4024

—–.  Jeremy Brown and Jeannie Teal.
Sharon, Conn.: Folk-Legacy Records, p1999.   CD-84
ARCD 4023

—–.  A rogue’s gallery of songs for 12-string.
Sharon, Conn.: Folk-Legacy, c1999.   CD-94
ARCD 4022

—–.     Turning toward the morning.
Sharon, Conn.: Folk Legacy Records, p1984.   CD-56
ARCD 4025

Carter, Dave.  When I go.
Whatley, MA: Signature Sounds, p2002.   SIG 1272
ARCD 4001

Ceilidh Friends (Musical group).  The spirit of giving: a Yellowknife yuletide.
Yellowknife, N.W.T.: Ceilidh Friends, c1997.   CF2
ARCD 3995

Cleaves, Slaid.  Broke down.
Cambridge, MA: Philo Records, p2000.   11671-1225-2
ARCD 4102

Elliott, Jack.  The long ride.
Oakland, CA: HighTone Records, p1999.   HCD8107
ARCD 4002

Gordon, James.  Pipe Street dreams.
Naperville, IL: Wind River Records, c1999.   WR4008
ARCD 4017

Hamilton, Frank.  Long lonesome home.
[Sanger, Texas]: Indian Trail Records, p1999.   609
ARCD 4009

Humphreys, Mark.  Songs at the moon.
Sierra Madre, CA: Trough Records, p1999.   TRCP 1044
ARCD 3996

Laverack, Tom.  Out of the blue.
Durham, NC: Megalith Music, 1999.   ML 1001
ARCD 4027

Leadbetter, Phil.  Philibuster!
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records Corp., 1999.   CD 0459 R
ARCD 4058

Lightfoot, Gordon.  The United Artists collection.
New York: United Artists/UMI, cp1993.   7243 8 27015-2
ARCD 4010

Lowe, Jez.  The parish notices.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, p1998.   GLCD 1192
ARCD 4005

—–.  :  Lowe, Jez.  Tenterhooks.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet, p1995.   GLCD 1161
ARCD 4006

MacMaster, Natalie.  In my hands.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder, p1999.   11661-7025-2
ARCD 4007

Moffatt, Katy.  Loose diamond.
Oakland, CA: Hightone Records, 1999.   HCD8109
ARCD 4016

Olsen, Kristina.  The Truth of a woman.
Venice, CA: Take a Break, p1999.   TAB2008
ARCD 4057

Rankins (Musical group).  Collection.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder, p1999.   11661-7028-2
ARCD 4059

Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen.
Cambridge, Mass.: Rounder Records, p1999.   11661-0450-2
ARCD 4019

Shea, Rick.  The buffalo show.
Los Angeles, CA: Major Label, p1995.   ML-003 CD
ARCD 4013

Siegel, Corky.  Solo flight-1975-1980.
Burlington, VT: Gadfly Records, p1999.   GAD254
ARCD 4020

Stecher, Jody.  Oh the wind and rain: eleven ballads.
West Chester, PA: Appleseed Recordings, p1999.   APR CD 1030
ARCD 4014

Swing out to victory: songs of WWII.
Roswell, GA: Platinum, c1999.   15095-1483-2 — 15095-1486-2
ARCD 3997-4000

Tarras (Musical group).  Rising.
Cambridge, Mass., Rounder, p1999.   11661-7029-2
ARCD 4008

Tulla Ceili Band.  A celebration of 50 years.
Danbury, CT: Green Linnet Records, p1996.   GLCD 1178
ARCD 4138

IIIrd Tyme Out (Musical group).   John & Mary.
Cambridge, MA: Rounder Records, p1999.   11661 0463-2
ARCD 4060


Abraham, Ephraim.  A Syriac hymnal.
Chicago, Ill.: Ephraim Abraham, c1936.
BV510.S9 A2 1936