Recent Acquisitions for August 2008

Commercially produced sound recordings

Alizadeh, Hossain.  The art of improvisation.
Mainz, Germany: Wergo: Haus der Kulturen der Welt, p1998.   SM 1530-2
ARCD 5870

Blasta!: the Irish traditional music special.
[Newton, N.J.?]: Shanachie, p1997.   78013
ARCD 5883

Blue in the face: music from the Miramax motion picture.
[Burbank, CA]: Luaka Bop, p1995.   9 45921-2
ARCD 6883

The Celtic lullaby.
Roslyn, NY: Ellipsis Arts, p1996.   CD 3480
ARCD 5858

Celtic Woman.  Celtic Woman.
N[ew] Y[ork], NY: Manhattan Records, p2004.   7243 8 60233 2 2
ARCD 5853

Classical music of Iran: dastgah systems.
Washington, DC: Smithsonian/Folkways Records, p1991.   CD SF 40039
ARCD 5790

Garzon, Armando.  Escandolo.
Mexico: Discos Corason, p1999.   666 111 147-2
ARCD 5787

Gasparian, Djivan.  Ask me no questions.
New York: Traditional Crossroads, p1994.   CD 4268
ARCD 5844

Ghana: traditions en mutation = Changing traditions.
Lausanne: VDE, p2003.   VDE CD-1135
ARCD 6841

Goese, Mimi.  Soak.
[Burbank, CA]: Luaka Bop; Milwaukee, WI: Distributed by Narada Productions, cp1998.   72438-49044-2-5
ARCD 6892

Hana hou! do it again!: Hawaiian hula chants and songs.
Netherlands: Pan Records, p1993.   PAN2033CD
ARCD 5607

Hyatt, Harry Middleton.  Root doctor: a folklore study in which a negro healer explains his work before a concealed microphone to Harry M. Hyatt.
South Branch, N.J.: Published by the Alma Egan Hyatt Foundation and for sale by Harry M. Hyatt, c1942.   3337-M, 3338-M, 3339-M, 3341-M, 3346-M, 3347-M, 3342-M
AR 2262-2265

Inti-Illimani (Musical group).  Arriesgare la piel = I will risk my skin.
Danbury, CT: Xenophile: Green Linnet, p1996.   XENO 4049
ARCD 5843

Jabbar Karyagdy.  Uzundara: ancient wedding dance music of Azerbaijan.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p1997.   PAN 2034CD
ARCD 6881

Jamalpur Priority Project.  Kaustinen rhapsody.
Danbury, CT: Xenophile: Green Linnet, c1994.   GLCD 4019
ARCD 5887

Jargalant Altai: Xoomii and other vocal and instrumental music from Mongolia.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p1996.   PAN 2050CD
ARCD 6894

Kazakhstan: musique d’Almati = music from Almati.
Lausanne: VDE, p1996.   VDE CD-910
ARCD 6839

Khan, Latif Ahmed.  Hommage a Latif Ahmed Khan = A tribute to Latif Ahmed Khan.
Lausanne: VDE-Gallo, p1996.   VDE CD-909
ARCD 6837

Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  Live at the Royal Albert Hall.
[Newton, N.J.]: Shanachie, p1999.   66023
ARCD 5846

Los de Abajo.  Cybertropic Chilango power.
Burbank, CA: Luaka Bop: Distributed by Warner Bros., p2002.   72438-11135-2-3
ARCD 6893

Madagascar: musique antanosy = Antanosy music.
Lausanne: VDE-Gallo, p1997.   VDE CD-924
ARCD 6840

Mali: musique bambara du Baninko = Bambara music of Baninko.
Lausanne: VDE-Gallo, p1998.   CD-980 VDE
ARCD 6836

Melt-Banana.  13 hedgehogs: MxBx singles 1994-1999.
Tokyo, Japan: A-Zap, p2005.   AZCD-0006
ARCD 6882

Mortazavi, Bijan.  Sweet scent of love.
Encino, Calif.: Avang Music Co., p1999.   CD529
ARCD 5845

Nordic roots: a NorthSide collection.
Minneapolis: NorthSide, [1998].   NSD6016
ARCD 5847

Okros Ensemble.  Transylvanian portraits: Hungarian gypsy music = Ungarische Zigeunermusik = Musique des gitans hongrois.
Westbury, N.Y.: Koch International Classics, p1992.   3-4004-2 H1
ARCD 5888

Orchestre Ahl-Fas.  Maroc: l’art du sama a Fes = Morocco: the art of sama in Fez.
Lausanne: VDE, p2002.   VDE CD-1104
ARCD 6838

Premal, Deva.  Dakshina.
Milwaukee, WI: Narada, p2005.   70876-19257-2-2
ARCD 5859

Serrano, Jose.  Two cries of freedom: Gypsy flamenco from the prisons of Spain.
New York, N.Y.: Reachout International Records, p1998.   RUSCD8246
ARCD 5841

Solovka.  The Moscow folk song ensemble.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p1997.   PAN 7008CD
ARCD 6878

Sparrow.  16 Carnival hits.
London, England: Ice Records, p1992.   920902
ARCD 5848

Uzel, Nezih.  Mevlana: music of the Whirling Dervishes.
Hollywood, CA: Hemisphere/Metro Blue, p1993.   7243 8 59274 2 3
ARCD 5791

Viryavakay: oh mother, protectress of the forest: songs and melodies of the Mordva.
Leiden, Netherlands: Pan Records, p2001.   PAN 2035
ARCD 6880

Widawati, Ida.  Udan mas.
Leiden: Pan Records: KIT, p1996.   4004 KCD
ARCD 6879


Madrid, Spain: Sara Records, c2006.   SEDVD 1010


Hwang, Yong-ju.  Hanguk Kyong, Sodo changak taegye: kugak kyoje.  Edition: Chopan.
Soul Tukpyolsi: Sonsori Santaryong Pojonhoe, 1992, (1993 printing)
M1816 .H385 1992

(Compiled by Maureen Russell, August 2008)