People & Facilities

Archive Staff
Prof. Münir Beken, Director, World Music Center at UCLA
Maureen Russell, Archivist-Librarian and Head of Cataloging
Aaron M. Bittel, Archivist-Librarian and Head of Digital Projects

Archive Facilities
When it was founded in 1961, the Archive shared a single basement room with the University Carillon player. In 1982 the Archive moved to its current location, a suite of seven rooms on the first floor of the Schoenberg Music Building.

With an entrance located on the Schoenberg Courtyard, the Archive today consists of a suite of seven rooms: two listening/viewing rooms, two digitization labs, two offices which double as storage, and a large main room — half of which serves as a processing and public services area and half of which holds our closed stacks of listening and viewing copies.

The Archive’s listening/viewing rooms that house playback equipment for a host of modern and nearly obsolete audiovisual recordings: compact discs, reel-to-reel tapes, audio cassette tapes, 331/3- and 45-rpm discs, DVDs, and a wide assortment of videotape formats. The Archive’s digitization labs house equipment for a wide array of audio and visual recordings. Listening copies of Archive sound recordings are housed within the Archive, while masters are stored in University of California’s Southern Regional Library Facility (SRLF), a high-density shelving facility with state-of-the-art climate control as well as earthquake and fire protection.