Ensemble History: American Indian Ensemble

The Music and Dance of American Indian Ensemble was created by Charlotte Heth after she was hired by the Music Department as a tenure-track professor in 1974. The course was first listed during the 1976-77 academic year as Music 81A and 91A. Instructors of the Music and Dance of American Indian course include: Charlotte Heth (1976-84); Ernie Siva (1984-95); Tara Browner (1996); Paul Apodaca (1996); Ed Wapp (1996).

american_indian_ensemble 2_reduced

Ernie Siva leads the Music and Dance of the
American Indian Ensemble. Photo: Courtesy
Ethnomusicology Archive
Charlotte Heth
Photo: From the Fall 1986 Ethnomusicology
Tara Browner in powwow regalia.
Photo: Courtesy Tara Browner