Name                           Year Concentration Institutional Affiliation Comments Updated
Afendoulis, Yanni 2003 Ethnomusicology Graduate student, Claremont Graduate University, School of Religion   11-01-05

Alonso, Sergio "Checo"









Music Teacher, San Fernando High School; Harpist, Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano; Music Instructor, Mariachi Master Apprentice Program; Vice-Chair, City of San Fernando Cultural Arts Commission; Council Member, The National Association for Music Education (MENC) Mariachi Advisory Council   12-14-06
Alpert, Jenni 2000 Ethnomusicology Artist/Musician   03-01-10

Amador, Gina






CEO, Silent Bay Entertainment (film/tv postproduction supervision, music supervision, footage and music clearances)   01-25-07
Arellano, Kristine 2004 Ethnomusicology Marketing Coordinator, Grand Performances   04-10-08
Asa-Dorian, Eric 1994 Ethnomusicology Counselor, Genuine Care. Provide therapeutic services to adults with mental illnesses   11-01-05

Bozina, Carmen


World Music

International Marketing Coordinator, Capitol Music Group/Universal Music Group



Brewer, Megan 2005 Ethnomusicology Immigration attorney, Hanlon Law Group   09-01-10
Brown, Jenifer 2003 Ethnomusicology Graduate student, Union Theological Seminar, New  York   01-19-07

Burns, Christie






Graduate student in Folk Studies at Western Kentucky University. Also part of a team working to bring the 2009 Cimbalom (Dulcimer) World Congress to the U.S., specifically, Shepherdstown, West Virginia.   11-01-05
Butler, Larry L. 1969 Ethnomusicology Teacher, Leesburg High School, Florida   04-27-07
Capello, Joey 2005 Ethnomusicology Production Coordinator for Universal Music Group - Mobile Division   05-02-06
Cardenas, Gabe 2006 Ethnomusicology Library Assistant III, UCLA Cataloging and Metadate Center   10-22-07
Chammou, Tamar (Wax) 1999 Ethnomusicology Director, Music, Warner Brothers Television   05-27-11
Chapa, Jessica 2005 Ethnomusicology Substitute teacher for secondary and high school grade levels   05-08-06
DePinna, Nick 2007 Jazz Studies Graduate student, UCLA Department of Music   09-06-07
Deutsch, Elliot 2005 Jazz Studies Freelance composer, arranger, and trumpeter   08-23-10

Doane, Carmen EF






Musicologist/Music Therapy, St. John's Regional Medical Center. Also recording artist, performing singer/songwriter, and give vocal and piano lessons around the Los Angeles area   04-23-07
Drootin, Kerri Kirchheimer 1999 Ethnomusicology Manager, NBC Universal Television Music. Music supervisor for various television productions; still playing drums.   01-10-07
Ellorin, Bernard 2003 Ethnomusicology Graduate student, M.A. Program in Ethnomusicology, University of Hawai\i at Manoa   03-12-07
Emerson, Ethan 2006 Jazz Studies I play Gypsy Jazz guitar in the style of Django Reinhardt   11-22-10

Fox, Brian






Brian writes and edits artist features, product reviews, lessons, and full-song transcriptions for the monthly Bass Player magazine. He also gigs regularly around the San Francisco Bay Area  



Freedman, Jessica 2008 Jazz Studies Musician/Vocalist. Verve recording artist. Member of SONOS, a six-member vocal group on Verve Forecast   09-24-09

Udria-Garcia, Desiree









Private music instructor and worship leader. Activities: private music lessons, coaching, workshops, specializing in traditional music of Mexico and contemporary Christian music. Adjudicator for the annual "Battle of the Mariachis" at the mission in San Juan Capistrano.  




Giarratano, Sharon 2004 Ethnomusicology Musician/teacher. Perform, producing, songwriting, teaching voice and beginning piano   09-12-08
Gonzalez, Veronica 1995 Ethnomusicology Packing and Procurement, EMI Music, North America.   10-04-07
      Previously had a music media relations company (2000-2004), where she focused on bilingual (English/Spanish) media campaigns.    
Gryde, Brandon 2000 Jazz Studies Director of Government Affairs, Dance/USA and OPERA America   05-27-11
Gubman, Mike 2005 Ethnomusicology Symposium Coordinator/Staff, Stanford University, CCRMA/Eye for Talent, Inc.   11-01-05
Gupta, Kiran 2009 World Music Composer/Lyricist/Playwright, Freelance Musical Theater Writer in New York City   09-13-13
Hall, Anais 2006 Ethnomusicology Graduate student in International Development Policy, Monterey Institute of International Studies   10-05-09
Holmgren, Meredith 2005 Ethnomusicology Project Manager, Smithsonian Folkways Recordings in the Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, Washington, D.C.   08-4-14
Jamieson, Jake 2010 World Music Performer and educator.   09-27-10

Jeppeson, Roxanne Tuton




Jazz Studies


Music Coordinator and Private teacher, Sulphur Springs and Saugus School District. I also teach private lessons for drumset, world music and band, for 4th, 5th and 6th graders.   01-30-06
Jose, Aura (Baldomero) 2001 Ethnomusicology Music Teacher, St. Robert School   02-28-12
Knox, DeWayne 2000 Ethnomusicology Consulting Minister of Music & Worship Arts, Christ Our Redeemer AME Church, Irvine   03-01-10
Lain, Warren 2005 Ethnomusicology Guitar and Music Theory Teacher in San Jose, California, and all over the world via Skype   03-01-10

Loa, Angelica




Ethomusicology and Latin American Studies Arts Manager, Music LA Program, City of Los Angeles, Department of Cultural Affairs, a citywide music education program for youth. (Angelica received a duo master's degree in Public Art Studies and Urban Planning from USC).   11-18-12
Lozada, Sonia 1996 Ethnomusicology Acting in TV and film   01-25-07

Marschak, Daniel

Music Composition

Professor of Piano and Music Theory, Las Positas College






Jazz Studies


Also, active as a composer and jazz pianist. with fellow alumnus Miles Senzaki, we started a company which scores visual media projects. I also work with alumnus vocalist Kalil Wilson regularly as his pianist and musical director.     
Maureas, Elleni 1999 Ethnomusicology Graduate student, NYU; also teach, perform, and compose, especially for jazz and film.   05-05-06
Mateo-Bartoli, Joan 1997 Ethnomusicology Senior Music Clearance Supervisor, CBS "I would love to re-connect with other alumni, especially from the class of '97." 09-04-15
McLean, Andrew 1996 Ethnomusicology Self-employed   12-16-08
Miller, Sam 1999 Ethnomusicology Ph.D. candidate, Ethnomusicology, Wesleyan University   01-11-07
Moreno, Michael John 2006 Ethnomusicology Musician, Freelance drumming and percussion, Downtown and on the Strip, Las Vegas   01-30-07
Nadler, Scott 2003 Ethnomusiocology Unappreciated Rockstar, Yomyamyeemyaz Productions   01-02-07
Nguyen, Tu 2010 World Music Composer/musician   11-16-11
Oba, Hitomi 2006 Jazz Studies Saxophonist, composer & arranger. Recording artist and private instructor   09-25-08
Peterson, Matt 1994 Ethnomusicology Engineering Director, Avid Technology   10-18-11
Ramos. Rodrigo 2005 Ethnomusicology Secondary/High School English teacher, Mayco Academy of English   12-06-06
Roderick, Sean 2011 World Music Assistant, Universal Music Enterprises   12-15-11
Sauza, Antonio R. 2006 Ethnomusicology Music Teacher - KIPP College Prep   11-16-10
Simbol, Will 2007 Ethnomusicology Manager of Education, Brooklyn Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra   05-09-13
Skupinsky, Rossana 2001 Ethnomusicology Music Supervisor for advertising, and independent licensing consultant   09-28-07
Swing, James 2003 Ethnomusicology Guitar Instructor, Moorpark Unified School District; also private guitar instruction classes   06-15-07
Taddeo, Joshua James 2009 Ethnomusicology Professional Bassist and Owner of Taddeo Music   05-27-11
Traylor, Selina 2005 (M.A.) Ethnomusicology (M.A.) Adjunct Faculty, Pasadena City College   10-09-06
  2003 (B.A.) Jazz Studies (B.A.)      
Warren, Susan Grayson (Pierson) 1998 Jazz Studies Substitute Teacher, Choral Director; choral and solo music performance and recording   03-01-10

Woeckel, Scott






Jazz Studies



Public Services Coordinator, Pepperdine University School of Law. Also session musician and composer. Recent films: Rated X (Pathfinder, 2006), Alice in Cartoonland (Inkwell, 2007). Currently composing a smooth jazz record, and scoring a soon-to-be-released documentary