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Music of Bali Ensemble

The Music of Bali Ensemble features gamelan (the generic Indonesian word for orchestra) music and dance. The Balinese gamelan gong kebyar is famous for its fast tempos, abrupt changes of texture, and brilliantly costumed dancers who act out stories from the Ramayana. Directed by I Nyoman Wenten, the Music of Bali Ensemble is one of twelve world music performance ensembles in the Department of Ethnomusicology.

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Mariachi de Uclatlán

Mariachi de Uclatlán is closely linked to the UCLA Music of Mexico ensemble, currently taught by Grammy Award-winning Jesús Guzmán. Mr. Guzmán is the artistic director for the world-renowned Mariachi Los Camperos de Nati Cano, and has been teaching the music of Mexico ensemble since 1991.

Mariachi de Uclatlán began in the 1960s, making it one of the first mariachi groups to be formed in an academic university setting.

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World Music Concentration

Students in the world music undergraduate concentration learn about the musical systems of selected world cultures through aural and written notations, vocal and instrumental skills, melodic and rhythmic dictation, improvisation, and composition.

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Jazz Ensembles

Participation in the jazz large ensembles (big bands) and the small group combos is an important part of training for students in the undergraduate jazz studies concentration.

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UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive

Founded in 1961, the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive is one of the largest “world music” media archives in North America. The Archive holds over 150,000 recordings of traditional, folk, popular, and art musics from Africa, Asia, Australia and the Pacific islands, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas. In the Archive, UCLA students and faculty, international researchers, and the communities of Southern California can explore the rich variety of musical expressions throughout the world.

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Music of China Ensemble

The Music of China Ensemble performs arias from Kun opera of the 15th century, silk-and-bamboo music from the Shanghai area, folk dances for festive celebration, zheng (zither) music in the Keijia style from Canton Province, music for large percussion ensemble, and modern compositions for an ensemble of traditional Chinese wind and string instruments. Directed by Li Chi, the Music of China Ensemble is one of twelve world music performance ensembles in the Department of Ethnomusicology.

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Jazz Studies Concentration

The jazz studies concentration, directed by Kenny Burrell, seeks to train students who will emerge as outstanding and well-rounded jazz musicians with a strong academic foundation, and to prepare students to enter professional careers in the music world as well as graduate study, in various aspects of music such as composition, arranging, jazz performance, research, and teaching.

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Bluegrass and Old Time

​ The Bluegrass and Old-Time String Ensemble (also known as the Anglo-American Ensemble, the Blue Grasshoppers, and the Bluegrass and Old-Time String Band), performs traditional music of America, with a focus on American folk music and bluegrass. Bluegrass was created in the first half of the 20th century and can be traced back to older genres of Celtic, English and Scottish, African-American, and country music.

Of Special Note

Spring 2016 Ethnomusicology @ UCLA Newsletter

Greetings from the Ethnomusicology Publications Office! The spring 2016 issue of the newsletter brings you updates about the recent accomplishments of department faculty, students, and alumni, covers the SEMSCHC conference held at UCLA in March 2016, and reviews the annual Spring Festival of World Music and Jazz. READ MORE

Highlights from the Ethnomusicology Archive: More Mantle Hood Materials Coming to the Archive

This summer Mantle Hood's widow, Hazel Chung-Hood, and sons, Marlowe, Maiyo, Mitro and Madé, donated a set of materials to the UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive. A donation of Hoods' early papers and correspondence was made by Hood's sons in 2011. Mantle Hood (1918-2005) was a pioneer in the field of ethnomusicology and the Founder and Director of the UCLA Institute (now Department) of Ethnomusicology. READ MORE

Topanga Success for the Bluegrass Hoppers

The UCLA Bluegrass Band won 1st place at the Topanga Fiddle Banjo Contest at Paramount Ranch on May 15. This marks the third consecutive first place win for the UCLA band when they have entered the Topanga competition, a southern California institution now in its 56th year. READ MORE

Sounds of Schoenberg: Atumpan

The drums are called Atumpan, considered a Ghanaian talking drum due to its ability to imitate language. In 1965, they journeyed to UCLA from Ghana through a musical collaboration between Mantle Hood, the founder of the ethnomusicology department, and Joseph Hanson Kwabena Nketia from the Institute of African Studies at the University of Ghana. READ MORE