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Name                      YearSpecializationInstitutional AffiliationUpdated
Alviso, Ric2002 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music and Department Chair, Cal State University, Northridge.11-30-07
 1993 (M.A.) Director, Masanga Marimba Ensemble 
Amigo, Cristian2003 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAdjunct Faculty, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, New York University; Adjunct Professor, Department of Performing and Creative Arts, College of Staten Island10-01-06
 1998 (M.A.) website 
Azzam, Nabil1991 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyMESTO: Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra08-21-06
Bittel, Aaron2006 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyArchivist-Librarian, UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive07-11-08
Borgo, David1999 (Ph.D.) 1996 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music, University of California, San Diego05-02-06
Briggs, Ray2003 (Ph.D.) 1997 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music; Assistant Director of Jazz Studies, California State University, Long Beach08-06-08
Browne, Kimasi L.2005 (Ph.D.) 1995 (M.A.)
1992 (B.A.)
EthnomusicologyProfessor of Music and Director of Ethnomusicology and Music Research, Azusa Pacific University02-16-11
Bryant, Wanda1995 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyRetired06-25-12
 1989 (M.A.)   
Castro, Christi-Anne2001 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Ethnomusicology, School of Music, University of Michigan11-01-11
Connell, Andrew2002 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music, James Madison University08-06-08
Corin, Amy R.2005 (Ph.D.) 1994 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAdjunct Professor, Moorpark College11-28-05
Daughtry, Martin J.2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Music, New York University02-05-08
Kevin M. Delgado2001 (Ph.D.) 1997 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Coordinator of World Music and Ethnomusicology, School of Music and Dance, San Diego State University12-16-08
Dickerson, L. Dwight1998 (PhD.)EthnomusicologyVisiting Professor, American University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates01-25-07
Dirksen, Rebecca2012 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyMellon Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology01-13-14
 1998 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyHigh School Teacher, Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy11-01-05
Dufrasne-González, J. Emanuel1985 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyFull Professor (Categrático), Universidad de Puerto Rico03-21-08
 1982 (M.A.)   
Edgar, Jacob1994 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyCEO, Cumbancha, LLC; also work as a music consultant, writer, artist development, and music production05-05-06
Fatone, Gina2002 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music, Bates College11-01-11
Foy, Janice1990 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyProfessional cellist. Symphony 47 Liaison/String Instructor at SFV Academcy, San Fernando Valley Academy02-03-14
Frishkopf, Michael1999 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music, University of Alberta11-01-05
Gutnik, Tammy1990 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyPh.D. Candidate, York University. Self employed: performance, composition and production of popular music11-30-05
Hajda, John1999 (Ph.D.) 1995 (M.A.)SystematicAssistant Professor of Music, University of California, Santa Barbara01-25-07
Harbert, Benjamin J.2010 (Ph.D.) 2007 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor, Department of Performing Arts, Georgetown University07-21-10
Heimarck, Brita1991 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor, Boston University11-16-10
Hill, Juniper2005 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyLecturer (equivalent of Assistant Professor), Department of Music, University of College Cork, Ireland07-02-09
 2001 (M.A.) website 
Ho, Meilu2006 (Ph.D.) 1992 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Musicology, The University of Michigan07-07-09
How, Deborah1992 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyPresident and Co-Founder, Westside Music Foundation08-31-10
Isbister, Laurel1999 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyVice President of Production, D.L. Dykes , Jr. Foundation02-05-08
Jamieson, Jake2010 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyPerformer and educator09-27-10
Janeczko, Jeff2009 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyCurator and Chief Operating Officer, Milken Archive (Milken Family Foundation)01-23-13
 2007 (M.A.) website 
Johnson, Birgitta2008 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, School of Music and African American Studies Program, University of South Carolina05-25-12
 2002 (M.A.) website 
Katz, Israel1967 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyRetired. Katz was among the earliest students in the ethnomusicology program (1956-59); fieldwork in Israel (1958-61); full and part-time student (1961-67).03-01-10
Keister, Jay2001 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor, The College of Music, University of Colorado, Boulder09-30-08
Kidula, Jean Ngoya1998 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Musicology/Ethnomusicology, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, University of Georgia6-Apr
Kimberlin, Cynthia Tse1976 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyExecutive Director, Music Research Institute; Publisher, MRI publications03-01-10
 1968 (M.A.) website 
Krikun, Andy1991 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyInstructor, Bergen Community College10-10-06
Lande, Liv2007 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyCultural Affairs Adviser, Embassy of Japan, Oslo, Norway11-01-11
Lu, Tasaw Hsin-chun2007 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Research Fellow, Institute of Ethnology, Taiwan10-20-08
Makubuya, James1995 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music, Department Chair, Wabash College03-01-10
Manuel, Peter1983 (Ph.D.) 1979 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyProfessor, John Jay College and CUNY Graduate Center11-16-10
McConnell, Lyn Carperter1974 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyDirector, World Artists. Music agency, specializing in world music11-01-05
Merchant, Tanya H.2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor, Department of Music, University of California, Santa Cruz10-20-08
Merrill-Mirsky, Carol1988 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyMuseum and Archives Director, Hollywood Bowl Museum/Los Angeles Philharmonic03-01-10
 1986 (M.A.)   
Mijatovic, Brana2003 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAdjunct Instructor, The College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Virginia02-03-14
Moore, Charles E.2000 (Ph.D.) 1988 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyMusic Producer/Director, French American Artist Collaborative11-16-10
Moulin, Jane Freeman1971 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyProfessor of Ethnomusicology and Chair, Undergraduate Studies in Music, University of Hawai'i at Manoa11-01-05
Nerell, Loren1998 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyRecording Technician, UCLA Herb Alpert School of Music, Departments of Ethnomusicology and Music03-01-10
Niles, Don1980 (M.A.)EthnomusicologySenior Ethnomusicologist, Institute of Papua New Guinea Studies05-08-06
Omibiyi-Obidike, Mosun1972 (Ph.D., Education)EthnomusicologyDirector, Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan, Nigeria01-15-09
 1996 (Ph.D.) 1991 (M.A.)EthnomusicologySenior Lecturer, School of Music, Cardiff University, Wales, UK6-Jun
Olsen, Dale A.1973 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyDistinguished Research Professor, Florida State University (retired)03-23-09
Owens, Thomas1974 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyProfessor, Department of Music, El Camino College (retired); currently self employed: jazz gigs01-02-07
 1965 (M.A.)   
Peters, Jacquelin C.1972 (M.A., African Studies)EthnomusicologyExecutive Director, 100 Black Men of Greater Charlotte, Inc 
Pillich, Simeon2009 (Ph.D.) 2000 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAdjunct Assistant Professor, Occidental College03-01-10
Rabe, "Gee"2000 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyLecturer and Director of the CSUN Steel Drum Band, Cal State University Northridge. Also perform with many different bands including Haberdashery Quartet and Vaud and the Villains.03-06-09
Rasmussen, Anne1991 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Professor of Music/Ethnomusicology, Director of the W&M Middle East Ensemble; Co-Chair, Middle East Studies Faculty, Co-Director, Asian Studies Initiative, The College of William and Mary02-05-10
Ritter, Jonathan2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, UC Riverside02-05-08
 1998 (M.A.) Director, Mayupatapi (the UCR Andean Music Ensemble) 
Salazar, Lauryn2011 (Ph.D.) 2004 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Musicology, Texas Tech University11-08-13
Sancho-Velázquez, Angeles2001 (Ph.D.)Systematic MusicologyAssistant Professor of Arts and Humanities, Department of Liberal Studies, California State University Fullerton09-28-07
Schrag, Brian2005 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyEthnomusicology Consultant, SIL International11-01-05
Seeman, Sonia2002 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, School of Music, University of Texas at Austin01-25-07
Seroussi, Edwin1988 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyHead, School of the Arts, Hebrew University in Jerusalem03-01-10
Sheehy, Daniel1979 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyDirector, Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage/Smithsonian Folkways Recordings, Smithsonian Institution03-01-10
 1974 (M.A.) website 
 1970 (B.A.)   
Sonneborn, D.A.1995 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssociate Director, Smithsonian Folkways, Smithsonian Institution01-18-07
   website (smithsonian folkways) 
   website (smithsonian global sound) 
Steiger, Kathryn (Vaughn)1991 (Ph.D.) 1989 (M.A.)Systematic MusicologyBiostatistician02-15-12
Sugarman, Jane1993 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyProfessor of Music, CUNY Graduate Center, New York10-18-13
 1985 (M.A.) website 
Talusan (Lacanlale), Mary2005 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyPostdoctoral Fellow, 2007-09, Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Tufts University11-01-07
Traylor, Selina2005 (M.A.)Ethnomusicology (M.A.)Adjunct Faculty , Pasadena City College10-09-06
 2003 (B.A.)Jazz Studies (B.A.)  
Van Buren, Kathleen (Noss)2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyLecturer in ethnomusicology, University of Sheffield02-05-08
 2002 (M.A.) website 
Vassilakis, Pantelis2001 (Ph.D.)Systematic MusicologyMusic Technology Specialist, DePaul University11-01-05
 1997 (M.A.) website 
Waddell, Reginald1999 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyAssistant to the Director, Division of Undergraduate Education, UCLA02-05-08
wa Mukuna, Kazadi1977 (Ph.D.) 1972 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyProfessor of Ethnomusicology, Kent State University11-17-06
Wheeler, Jesse2007 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologySculpter/inventor. Activities: writing and revising for publication; directing "nC2" fieldwork column; applying for jobs; working on a documentary on health in Malawi that includes lots of music I recorded; playing with ethnomusicologists in independent movies09-24-09
Wills, Nancy1999 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyTeacher, Lindsay High School09-01-10
Wooley, Amy2003 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyMusic Teacher, St. Andrew's Episcopal School. Director, Instrumental Music: St. Andrew's Jazz Band, Symphonic Rock Orchestra, Middle School Band03-01-10
 1999 (M.A.)   
Wong, Chuen-Fung2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAssistant Professor, Macalester College10-10-06
Wong, Connie Oi-yan2006 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyAdjunct Assistant Professor, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts10-22-08
Yeh, Nora1985 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyArchivist, American Folklife Center, Library of Congress03-01-10
 1972 (M.A.)   
Yen, Wen-hsiung1971 (M.A.)EthnomusicologyTeacher, Chinese Culture School of Los Angeles in America. Teach music and language, compose and conduct the Chinese Music Orchestra of Southern California12-16-08
Yu, Youngmin2007 (Ph.D.)EthnomusicologyPostdoctoral Fellow (2008-09, Korea Research Foundation), Korea National University of Arts, School of Music10-23-08


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